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13 yrs w FMS... Pain is increasing... Y?
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13 yrs w FMS... Pain is increasing... Y?

I have dealt with FMS for 13 years & I could always work through the pain, but now it's horrible. I don't understand because I was told it is not progressive. The last year the pain in my arms, hands, neck & fingers is to the point that tears roll out my eyes. I feel like its something other than FMS. Thoughts...?
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Hi Daiseymae20.

It all depends the causes of FMS.
-If it's from a low grade Hypothyroid, over time the cells get weaker and weaker.

-If your tartaric acid levels have increased over time, your fatigue and muscle aches are worse.

-If it's Neurotransmitter dysregulation, it's anyone's guess, as proper testing is reserved for Pharmaceutical Companies to develop more drugs.

- If it is due to an underlying infectious condition like Pathogenic Mycoplasma, it depends how strong your immune system is- to a degree-
as these types of pathogens are notoriously evasive from detection by blood tests and the immune system and also  the absence of stressful or traumatic conditions would lead to less activation of these infectious conditions.

Please visit a thread here if you search under "IWILLDOTHIS", you will find many helpful suggestions to better manage the symptoms of FMS.

Best wishes.
Love & Light
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I have always been told there was no way to know what causes it. I have a thyroid that falls low @ times, but then is fine. But I have Lymphosytic Colitis, so I know my immune system is not strong.  Fatigue has always been my biggest complaint til this year :-(
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Daisymae, there's research that has shown that there are many causes
of FMS, however it is not going to become mainstream any time soon.
There's a lot of resistance to newer research findings in order to maintain the status quo in medicine.

If you wish to explore this on your own, first look into Dr. Garth Nicolson's work. He is  part time Expert on Medhelp and the top expert in the world
on Pathogenic Mycoplasma infections and Co-infections, underlying
a number of serious chronic diseases, with apparently NO CAUSES
and NO TREATMENT, according to conventional medicine!
He's the founder and president of the Institute of Molecular Medicine.
Just do a search under his name here.

In your case since you mentioned Lymphocytic Colitis, there may be serious nutritional deficiencies, should there be a generalized G/I imbalance
with a compromised intestinal flora, where 70-80% of your immune system
is located.  
This would constitute a strong link with FMS.

Foods should be checked for intolerance and allergies. You may consider doing Dr. Coca's Pulse test for that on your own. it's a free download.

If I were you, I would eliminate ALL gluten and dairy RELIGIOUSLY for
3 months and slowly re-introduce them back to test yourself.
Tough but very doable, specially when you see improvement!
These two food groups are the most pro-inflammatory. This diet will help you also keep tartaric acid levels down, as tartaric acid is a known muscle toxin and very prevalent in Fibromyalgia
It interferes greatly with metabolic processes as it is antogonistic with malic acid, an important substance for the Krebs cycle, an 8 part metabolic pathway.
And perhaps consider high quality probiotics (live, high billion count, multi-strand and only the refrigerated type) to rebalance your intestinal flora.

Next item I would include would be coconut oil. It's huge!
My daughter has managed her Ulcerative Colitis well with a very careful diet
as above, key supplements including LOTS of coconut oil.
Just go to the coconut oil research site for more details, if you need more info on this.
No junk foods,no sugar, no artificial sugar, no flour, no grains and always fresh organic vegetables, free range chicken, low mercury fish and pastured red  meat.

Have you been tested for ALL types of deficiencies?, including hormonal panel, TISSUE minerals -not BLOOD levels- as it's the cells of your tissues that need to be checked. Blood levels are usually very tightly controlled by bodily mechanisms. (Another hole in conventional medicine testing).
Low Magnesium would be the most important one to verify.
Neurotransmitter deficiencies have to be checked by having an assessment ( no testing available for patients as I mentioned in my first reply-another hole in... you know where.)
Here are a couple examples of  Neurotransmitter deficiencies and the symptoms:

Dopamine deficiencies can lead to some of the following symptoms:

Anemia, Blood sugar instability, Bone density loss, High blood pressure, low sex drive and/or difficulty achieving orgasm, Joint pain
Thyroid disorders, Aggression , Anger, Depression, Inability to handle stress, Guilt or feelings of worthlessness, Excessive sleep
Mood swings, Slow thought processing speed, Forgetfulness
Attention deficit disorder, Hyperactivity
Failure to finish tasks.

GABA deficiencies may present any of the following symptoms:

Backache,  Arrhythmias, Chronic pain, Constipation, Headache
Hypotention, Insomnia, Muscle loss, palpitations, Urinary frequency
Anxiety, Depression, Guilt or feelings of worthlessness, Manic depression
Phobias, Rage, Restlessness, Poor verbal memory, Difficulty concentrating

Acetylcholine deficiencies can lead to some of the following:

Alzheimer’s disease, Anxiety, Dry mouth and cough, Excessive or frequent urination, Inflammatory disorders, Inability to carry out motor commands, Osteoporosis, Reading or writing disorders, Multiple sclerosis
Bipolar disorder, Learning disorders, Mood swings, Memory disturbance
Attention problems, Impaired creativity & abstract thinking.

Some of the symptoms of Serotonin deficiency may include:

Allergies, Hallucinations, Muscle aches and pains, Hypertension, Palpitations, Urinary frequency, Light headedness, Depression Codependency, Impulsiveness, Phobias, Rage, Shyness
Memory loss, Difficulty concentrating, Perfectionism, Restlessness.

This is INSANE, isn't it? What a huge injustice and what a disservice to the
suffering patients not to have PROPER testing for the above.

At best, Doctors take a shot in the dark -to my opinion-, to randomly prescribe a med that may work, in view of symptoms that point to neurotransmitter deficiencies or dysregualtion, with very little or no specific testing.
Sorry if it sounds like I'm ranting. It's how the medical system is designed, you can't really blame the doctors, as that's how they're trained, nonetheless, it still never sits well with me.

If you were to go to a Holistic Doctor or ND to help you implement a comprehensive health re-balancing wellness plan, I think you could eventually experience notable improvement.

This is not to intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Please post again or message me if you need further details.

Love & Light

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Thank you!  
I tried taking magnesium & it seemed to helps little. I am anemic & my GP doesn't know why. Frustrating.
I will check into the research doctor you mentioned & your tips. I appreciate your help.
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Try transdermal magnesium chloride (magnesium oil) which is one of the best ways to take magnesium, since it doesn't have to go through digestion.

Ferrous Glycine is a chelated form of iron, tolerated better by most patients.
Consume iron rich foods, like organ meats, eggs, legumes, etc.

Menstruating females need over 130ng/ml  and menopausal over 100ng/ml

If you look at dopamine deficiency you'll find that anemia, which could lead to low thyroid function, is one of the causes, but again it could be a number of any other causes.

Light & Love
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   FMS is consistent pain in the body which I call it as bone pain. I am with FMS for the last 10 years, but honestly I haven't found a good doctor till now. Most of the doctor switch between SSRI and SNRI but in vein. I heard that topomax (topamax) and gabapentin, but I am not sure about the drugs. And apart from all it is the lifestyle which matters. Does anyone has experience? Is there a overall advice for me by which I can improve?
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