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Any Drs. out there willing to help Fibro patients?
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Any Drs. out there willing to help Fibro patients?

Hi Dr.
I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since 1997, but have experienced symptoms since 1995. Before my Fibro diagnosis, I was misdiagnosed as having Lupus, Epstein Barr Virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Through the years the Fibro has progressively gotten worse. I am almost at the point where I can't function. The difficulty that I am having the worst problem with is the doctors that are "treating" me. They seem so unwilling to help. I hate going to them because I feel that they think I am only after meds. I am only after relief. My rheumatologist told me that they don't even treat Fibro patients anymore because they would never be able to close their offices because there are so many patients. My GP told me to "lose weight and see a psychologist and my life would be better". Another GP told me the same, but also made me feel as though I were only after more meds. When I went to him recently because I have been having difficulty with my sleep patterns and often fall asleep while driving to work or have actually fallen asleep while working without even realizing it. I have no control over when I fall asleep. I told him I was worried about falling asleep uncontrollably I asked him if he could take me off work until we could figure out was going on. He told me that he "couldn't take me off work, just because I was tired". I am so frustrated, and I feel that there is no one out there who can or will help. Do you have any suggestions as to whom else to try? My life feels over and I am only 42 years old trying to raise 3 preteen children. My husband doesn't even understand. He thinks it is all in my head, and tells me to "just stop". Please help me. Is there anyone out there can help me?  Thank you for your time.
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Hi there!  I am not sure I can help you, but I wanted to say you aren't alone.  I am 42 (almost 43) with 3 kids 10-15.  My husband tries to understand but it is frustrating him that he can't even touch me half the time without it hurting.  My GP made me so mad at this year's checkup when the first thing he asked about was if I am depressed.  I told him, yeah, wouldn't you be if you were in pain all the time, had severe stiffness that prevented you from moving, crave hugs but can't stand to be touched, can't stay awake, and your job requires you to be in front of 150 kids all day and be "on" for them no matter what?  He wanted to put me on Cymbalta, because it would help my mood, and would help with the pain, too.  Another dr in his practice put me on Lyrica, and I think it has dragged my mood into the dark already...only 2 weeks on it.  I have had symptoms since the early-mid 90's.  Or earlier, if you count the weird pain stuff in HS.  I am going to a rheumatologist in February, and he comes highly recommended.  But, my GP's attitude about it was that there's nothing wrong with me.  I am perfectly healthy (but need to lose weight), and if I think the specialist will put my mind to rest that there's nothing wrong, so be it.  Shrugs.  The dr who put me on Lyrica at least thinks fibro is real, and after my GP's attitude, I went to the office manager and got my primary care doc switched to the other one.  

I understand what you are going through with your frustration with your husband.  It is hard when someone close to you doesn't understand that what you are going through is real.  My husband at least tries to understand, but what would mean the most to me is if he would translate that into helping with chores.  I have resorted to using an electric grill and crockpot for most of my cooking, and do it on a TV tray in my bedroom a lot of the time because I just can't stand after teaching all day.  

If I get answers from this new specialist, I will share what he says.  It frustrates me that Lyrica and Cymbalta are about it as far as treatment goes.

Gentle hugs and prayers to you!

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I too know EXACTLY how you feel. Except I'm on disability and do not work. My advice though on your 2 new meds~  if you feel worse, tell your doctor you don't want to take them! When I tried cymbalta, it made me feel 'angry'.  Antidepressants work on different parts of our brains.  Some work some don't! Keep trying till you find the one that works best for you! For me it's prestiq.  But everyone is different. I wish you the very best!
I live in Raleigh NC and my doctor quit his practice without giving referrals and medication scripts!!  I haven't found a doctor yet and it's been months!
Take Care!
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I am having the same problem with doctors. They do not understand at all and the idea that pain meds make it worse is a crazy notion that I keep hearing, and it is most certainly not true in my case. My pain is mostly dull and aching, but it is all over, all day, everyday, It is relentless pain, it wears me down, and causes me to be mean.  I have seen doc after doc trying to get treated for pain with no respect. The doctors love have us roaming from doc to doc so they can say sorry too bad so sad, because they are making tons of money on us. I am at my wits end. Boy, if we did find a way to get relief without using doctors, they would be throwing pills at us.
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Hi busyworkr,birthwarrior,KathyNnc&kirsten77.

Kirsten made a hypothesis in her  post that me think.
1.Have you wondered why  drugs have so many side effects?
In pharmaceutical drugs it starts with  active medicinal ingredients  derived from nature,  getting isolated in labs and their molecules altered, in order to become proprietary, since natural ingredients cannot be patented, without much consideration for the body's inability to fully recognize these molecules.
My own mom got addicted to Valium, after only one prescription from her family doctor to help her sleep better, following the death of both sets of my grandparents in very short time.
It happened to be the first drug to reach 1 billion dollars in sales -back in the 70s- and one of the most addictive drugs ever manufactured!
Valerian tea would have served better, I suppose.
It saddens me greatly, to see so many of people who are suffering
from various serious conditions, been treated this way by the medical system, which at the end of the day does not care, as it is just a mechanism. And doctors do as they were taught and as the medical protocol dictates.
Unfortunately it's a mechanism driven by power and greed and NOT by
care, compassion and the desire to SERVE (the suffering patients).
I'm a hopeless and utopic romantic in this area, I have been told. Lol!

2 Or why the argument that a natural equivalent is superior to prescription drugs is valid?
The isolated and altered molecules in synthetic drugs, will never have the
effectiveness of natural ingredients that have synergistic action thus optimizing their therapeutic properties without necessarily the side effects.
There is a natural equivalent to just about every prescription drug.
One just needs to find what that is for the relative condition, which may not be as difficult as it may seem at first.

I have started a thread called IWILLDOTHIS and if you do a search here in this community, you can access it and find  many natural remedies to help with your fibro symptoms.

Neurotransmitter dysregulation seems to be of great relevance to FMS, in regards to treatment, which is bit complex for the average member to approach.
If anyone is interested to look into this, let me know and I'll forward you some details on a pm.


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