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Any alternatives for Fibro meds?
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Any alternatives for Fibro meds?

I was diagnosed w/ Fibro 6 *long* years ago. I have been taking Lyrica and until I started reading all the bad hype about it, I was on 300mgs a day. After quitting cold turkey, as directed by my now previous doctor, and having horrible withdrawals---which were all in my head according to my doctor, I started taking them again just to be able to sleep and keep food down. I am only taking 100mgs a day and want to continue weaning myself off. I tried Savella---I couldn't tell any difference and I have also tried Cymbalta which I am hypersensitive to. Are there any other alternatives?  What about herbal remedies? I also have an auto-immune disease and can't take anything that raises the immune system.
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Hi , I also have fibro. I tried Lyrica and I put on about 35 pds. in 3 months!! plus my legs swelled up like you wouldn't believe. So I stopped that right away it didn't do anything anyway. I'm now on 100mg of Sevella a day and I think it might be starting to help with my energy a little. I also may have somekind of auto-immune disease. What is it that you have?  I've been trying to get an answer for 4 yrs. now and still have nothing. What kind of blood labs have you had and what were they? (like HorL) Let me know and I will take a look at mine and see if anything matches up.

Thanks and good luck to you.
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I have Sjogren's Syndrome. I have had  positive ANA and SSA labs and had a schimmer eye test, which I failed miserably.
My symptoms started out with stiff and painful joints, which I assiociated w/ the Fibro.
fingernails --and toenails---break off.
Dental decay, abcess (abscess)'and teeth breaking off
"fever blisters"
excessive dry eyes, I have had ruptured ulcers on my cornea
burning mouth
Raynaud's syndrome, my fingers and toes stay cold and turn color
horrible stomach/digestion issues
dry nose w/ sores
dry skin
weight gain and loss---I can go up or down 10-12lbs in one week for no reason

I *knew* something beyond Fibro was wrong with me. I was scared that nobody would figure it out until I died. I was lucky, I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years after my symptoms became unbearable. Most ppl wait an average of 7 years before being diagnosed with Sjogren's.
It helped me to make a complete list of my symptoms no matter how trivial I thought they were. I started with the head and worked my way down for example... Head--migraines, light sensitivity, dry eyes, etc....
I even drew diagrams and made a list of diseases/conditions that immediate family members had. Most diseases are genetic, ask your family members if they experience some of the things you going through. STRESS your symptoms to your doctor, if they don't seem genuinely concerned with your problems don't feel bad for walking away and moving on to another doctor.
Also a good eye doctor is essential if you think you have an auto-immune disease. A good opthamologist may be able to tell before anyone if you have an inflamitory disease. Make sure you let them know what else is going on with you. My eye doctor told me I had an auto immune disease a year and 1/2 before I was diagnosed.
Good luck! I wish you all the best with everything.
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I just started Effexor for the Fibro pain....crossing my fingers that this one will be the one!
I have tried Cymbalta, Lyrica, wellbutrin, amitryptilline..etc....
Soooo tired....Zzzzzz.
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