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B12 injections into muscles any good?
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B12 injections into muscles any good?

Has anyone heard of B12 shots injected directly into the affected muscles for treatment of Fibromyalgia?

I had it pretty well under control from Jan. - May of this year.  The third week in May, we were taking my disabled aunt to a concert.  She was falling I caught her and lifted her.  She weighs twice my weight, I'm very petite and she was "dead weight".  I had been religiously working out with a personal trainer and going to studio dance classes with my husband 2 - 5 nights a week the entire 5 months, Jan - May, 2009.  After the incident the 3rd week of May I have spiraled downhill so rapidly that suicide often crosses my mind.  It's fleeting.  But, I'm Christian and know my final destination, and sometimes I really wish it would come SOON, though I just turned 45 and have a high school Senior and would like to see him graduate, although he hardly acknowledges my existence these days.  I've been told by family, friends and strangers the past 17 years that I'm the best "little mother" they've ever seen.  That I've always made time for my son, that I was never too busy for him.  Nevertheless, he's a teenager and I greatly feel that if I were out of his life altogether it would be a blessing, as my husband, his father and he are truly bonded.  I did something wrong along the way, I know I did.  I don't know what it was, but the mother/son bond is broken.  Anyway, I feel worst that my husband and mother would have the toughest time dealing, especially mom, since she really has only me.  Men are famous for bouncing back and remarrying quite rapidly.  My husband swears I am the love of his life and if something happened to me, he would never want another relationship, ever, but I've encouraged him to think differently and be open to the possibilities.

I asked them to test me for cancer, hoping I had bone cancer, like my father who died from it at 62 years young.  I hurt all the way into my marrow and was sure the test would be positive, but all cancer screenings were negative.  I am not who I was the first 5  months of this year.  I never leave my house, rarely walk to the mailbox, am in unrelenting constant pain, everywhere in my body.  I can't keep the house up, cook, can hardly get a glass out of cabinet for water.    The worst part is that we built our "dream Home" and have lived here only 1 1/2 years.  I haven't finished decorating and don't think I will.

I'm miserable 24/7 now.  Incapable of doing anything I did with vigor the first 5 moths of the year.  I miss dancing with my husband the most.  I either don't sleep or can't wake up.  Savella was my worst nightmare, ahead of lyrica and cymbalta.  They now have me on Pristiq.  I see no improvement on this at all.  I feel I will shrivel up and die and that sounds good right now - no more constant suffering.  I was athletic my entire life.  Now my athleticism constitutes walking to the kitchen for a glass or bottle of water and back to the sofa.

Is there hope in the B12 shots?  I would certainly prefer the holistic approach.

Fed UP!
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First, I'm really sorry that you're feeling the way you are.

Second, I don't have any experience with B12 injections so I can't help you there.

But I'm hoping you might like to know that I and so many others who have Fibro have felt the way you are feeling now, not only physically but psychologically.

I am so sad that you are hurting so much in so many ways that you almost want to have cancer.  You've mentioned your Christianity, and I'm hoping maybe you can lean on that a bit to help pull you out of this trying time.

I have been to the point where I didn't want to exist anymore.  Then I realized, I just didn't want the pain to exist anymore.  

I pulled through it, and I am deeply hoping that you can too.

Please, if you are truly feeling like you want to harm yourself, call your local emergency number or suicide prevention line.

You are not alone.  I know that when everything is dark and sore, it is SO easy to be tired, fed up, and just want everything to stop hurting.

I'm going to post this now and finish the rest of my thought in the next post, just in case it takes me forever to type out what I am trying to say, and you may like something to read in the mean time.

It's frustrating to refresh the page and see no response, so here is part one.
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I'm glad you're still reading.  :)

I know it sounds cliche to say "take it one day at a time", but you really should.

If an entire day is too long, take it hour by hour, or in 10 minute blocks.

Just hold on, and have faith that things WILL get better.  I know it's hard, but you are strong.  You can do it.

You mentioned your family... how blessed you are to have a loving, supportive husband and an intelligent son who is doing well in school, and going to graduate!  It may seem difficult to have to lean on them more when you're feeling sick, but please remember how GREAT it is to have them.

I'm sure they are so happy to have YOU.  Just because you are you.

Take a minute and think of all the wonderful things you will be able to do, independently or with your family, when you feel better.  Fibro flares can last for weeks or months in my experience, but when they fade away for a while, it is the sweetest feeling.  

For me, the secret was (and still is) focusing on the little things that can bring joy.  Thinking ahead, about what you can't do, or how much it hurts, how you can't control it, that will drag you down.  Stay afloat by doing small things like surrounding yourself with objects that you like.

I like to spend a lot of time examining a flower or a plant, its shape, its colour.  I keep things I like close to the bed, like a small stone that has a smooth texture, maybe some pictures of things that make me happy.  It helps to distract me.

When I feel a little stronger, I can maybe put my favourite colour of nail polish on my toes.  Who cares if it is yellow or purple or bright pink?  Not many people see my toes anyway!  Just knowing my toes are happy makes me smile.

The key is passing the time until your body has time to bounce back.  IT WILL bounce back.  You will get better.  You just need time.  You are strong.

Forgive your body (and yourself) for the way you are feeling.  It's OK to need time to heal.  It's okay to give up control a little, even though it can be hard to do.

You will be surprised at the amazing experiences you will have in the future.  

You will be so happy you didn't give up.   And so will all those who love you.
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Thank you for your uplifting words.  All of your advice and suggestions were well received by me.  I try not to complain around those I love and try to control the grimaces of pain that they can see.  They are burdened enough KNOWING my pain, but them SEEING it is so horrendous for me.  This board is a good place to be anonymous, but have people care and share, and believe I care about everyone, though at times, all I can do is focus on how I'M FEELING, after trying to hide it all day long.

I had a terrible experience today.  I never know when my mom will stop by, but she comes several times a week.  She only lives like 2 miles from me and I haven't been  to see her in MONTHS, because I can't drive and my guys are busy (husband and son) with not only their agendas, but taking up my slack - cooking and cleaning, which I also cannot do.  Today had to be one of my worst days EVER!  I  got out of bed and went to the kitchen.  My husband and son and son's girlfriend were in there.  I couldn't lift my arm to get a glass (plastic) because glass glasses are too heavy.  They took care of all of that for me and my husband had an armful of stuff leading the way back to the bedroom and my son had his arm around my waist and was helping me "walk" following my husband and the doorbell rings.  It was my mother.  

When she walked in and saw me being assisted walking, supported by my son, I thought she was going to have a heart attack.  I almost started crying and kept saying, "oh, momma, I'm SO SORRY, I NEVER wanted you to see me this way, I'm SO SORRY."

My husband and son got me situated in bed and my husband answered all my mom's questions and calmed her down, but I know the image will stick in her mind and she will worry about even more now.  

We live in the Deep South, Cajun Country, USA and we're all so close and we all try to "protect" our loved ones from pain.  And now, my physical pain, that she witnessed,  will become her emotional pain.

Thank you for all of your kind and uplifting words of wisdom.  And I'm sorry for your suffering also.  God Bless and Heal You.  It's a blessing that you reached out to me.

I have a doctor appt. Tuesday to hopefully get B-12 injections this week, God-willing.  I'm told there's only one doctor in the state that does this and the results have been nothing short of miraculous for some.  And he's not far for us to go to.  I have to go to my Primary Care Tuesday for the referral and hoping for the best.  If it works as well as I've heard it does, it could take a long time to get an appointment, but I'm going to think POSITIVELY and HOPE FOR THE BEST.  Doing the opposite is not an option.

I know what you mean about surrounding yourself with things that make you happy.  What a coincidence, you and I BOTH have smooth stones that we like to feel.  And I keep mine in the same place as yours!  My husband brought me a dozen BEAUTIFUL "peach" color roses yesterday and I love sticking my nose in them and inhaling the beautiful fragrance.  On my bedside I also have poems that my beautiful son composed, typed and gave his father and I for Christmas back in 2004, we were video-taping Christmas morning opening gifts and I began to read my poem from him, entitled "A Mom" and I was unable to finish because I broke down in tears about half way through.  He had to finish reading it aloud for the video.  My mom also began crying as I was reading my poem aloud.  My son is the "whichever side of the brain it is" that has to do with music, creativity and art . . . I'll have to look up which, "Right brain" / "Left brain".  Whichever, it consumes him and his talents are numerous.  He can play any musical instrument he picks up, has played piano since lessons began at the age of 3.  He plays alto sax.  He has five guitars that he's acquired over the last six years and this, his Senior year, he will complete in wood shop the guitar he has been building since his Freshman year, starting with a huge block of wood.  Well, I guess I've gone off into the land of "how proud I am of my son" but it's a really pleasant place for me to be.  

Anyway, I do already do what you suggested, which was an EXCELLENT suggestion by you.  

You said:  "I have been to the point where I didn't want to exist anymore.  Then I realized, I just didn't want the pain to exist anymore."  
How GENIUS.  I actually never thought about it that way!  You are SO RIGHT!

And, please don't concern yourself with me harming myself - I wouldn't, couldn't.  Those thoughts are fleeting.  Then I try to do something constructive, like get on here and "talk" about it.  It's kind of like writing in a journal, but a whole lot faster!

Thank you and God Bless You for your response to me.  Knowing that someone I don't even know took the time to give me pep-talk, is very heartwarming.  So, I am grateful with all of heart and thank you.  

I haven't been on the computer for several days because of my pain, but I will post info about the B12 shots, when I find out more.  If they are as great as I've heard, doctors around the globe should know about it and I guess it will be up to us to tell them to find out more for us.

Thank you for sharing!
God Bless and Heal You,
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Just so you know, Pristiq can cause suicidal thinking. Whatever doctors want to say about this, the reality is that many people end up suicidal when they take these type of medications because they alter the brain chemistry of some people in a way that is harmful. Pristiq is essentially a drug for depression and if you have sufficient levels of norepinephrine and dopamine, it will raise them to a dangerous level that is likely to cause suicide, irritability and anger. Doctors often label that as depression and increase the dosage, compounding the problem. To put it into perspective - you hear about veterans with PTSD who are suicidal and violent, right? Well... guess what, they have TOO MUCH norepinephrine and dopamine due to the PTSD. So, this is why these medicines are labeled as potentially causing suicidal thoughts. If you were in the plus column on those chemicals and take an anti-depressant, there's a very good chance these medicines will tip you over the edge. You may want to talk to your doctor about coming off of it to see if those thoughts improve and to see if you have any changes.

Try yoga. It is amazing - relaxing, calming, gentle Hatha yoga is probably the way to go. My mother improved her Fibromyalgia with supplements and dietary changes. Boy, I wish I could remember the name of what she used. She has been better for a few years now. She also started doing a lot of yoga. Two great videos you may be able to find at the library are "Yoga Class" with Gary Bromley and "Yoga for Dummies." (I don't remember the name of the instructor off the top of my head, but she is lovely. You should always shop around to find a class/instructor that works for you. Many yoga studios offer a free session for first time visitors. Often, classes are only $10-12 dollars. try yoga in the morning to loosen up and yoga at night to calm down and get loose before bed.
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Hi, I'm new here, and have just posted about the problems I am experiencing, and I just noticed this post.

I have pernicious anemia, so have to have vitB21 injections every 8wks, intramuscular. It has kept the pernicious anemia under control (thank god as my fathers aunty died of pernicious anemia approx 55-60yrs ago before they found treatment) But they have made no difference whatsoever to the pain I suffer in the muscle I have it in, in fact that is perhaps one of the muscles I feel the most pain in.

All it does for me is help the breathlessness and the tingling and extra pain I have in my feet, also when I'm due for my injection my exhaustion becomes almost coma like, and it helps that (but that's only because I'm deficient in it)

I asked for extra injections and was told by a heamotologist that too much vitb12 can be very dangerous.

I don't know what else to say except you're not on your own, and I have even attempted suicide (please, it's not the answer).

I've only just found this place and will be popping on regularly, I'm here if you ever need to talk x
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