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Could my depression be causing Fibromyalgia?
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Could my depression be causing Fibromyalgia?

Basically I was diagnosed with depression 2 weeks ago and am on a course of Citalopram (20mg). This all started after a head injury 8 weeks ago, of which I had an MRI scan to check there was nothing untoward going on in my head. However all the worrying sent me into a spiral of depression and anxiety, but I have been getting these horrible physical symptoms as well, of which I think must be caused by fibromyalgia. I bad full blood tests which all came out normal, except for a slightly lowered amount of calcium.

My symptoms all started since I came back from Lanzarote. I get very bad muscle and joint aches which are much worse under pressure. (Some are in the fibromyalgia pressure points, others aren't) The worst place they hurt are the insides of my upper thighs which under pressure are agony. Also my abdomen and my chest are very painful under pressure too. I have bad breath too, and diarrhea and nausea occasionally. I'm very stiff in the mornings and evenings, and I often feel foggy/confused/unable to concentrate. The muscle aches seem to be spreading but I'm not sure if I'm imagining that? I could feel aches behind my eyes. I've also experienced some numbness in my fingers, and occasionally the lips. I'm just fed up of feeling exhausted and in pain. I can deal with the depression but the physical symptoms are terrifying me, so any help would be much appreciated. (Doctors seem unable to diagnose me with anything physical) I should also add I've had no fever.

My question is essentially, does this possibly sound like Fibromyalgia, and can that be caused by my depression? Or could I have some infection such as Lyme disease, though wouldn't it show up in my bloodwork? (I did have a bad bite on my face on holiday) I'm a 19 year old male so I understand fibromyalgia is not common in my age/sex.
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Hi Alimog and welcome to the forum.

My late Aunt had a vacation home around Puerto del Carmen!

Your symptoms are consistent with Post Traumatic Fibromyalgia,
(Search under this : "PMID 7993614" regarding Post-traumatic fibromyalgia.)
something similar to what I went through many years ago in my early 20's when Fibromyalgia was not even known then, following a nasty traffic accident.
I suffered from head and leg injuries and I was actually blessed to have survived this after undergoing a Near Death Experience.
And of course I went through the medical merry-go-round , with everything testing normal despite the severity of my symptoms!

What made the difference for me at that time was that I decided to get answers from outside the conventional medical model.
Immersing myself in meditation, mind-body connection, spirituality,
holistic therapies etc., My health gradually returned to normal.
At one time I  worked for a while with an Aussie Health "guru" type who had spent years in India in pursuit of consciousness/awakening/enlightenment and who had helped many US soldiers returning from Vietnam who suffered from serious PTSD symptoms.
Using a Shamanic type of approach( which I never understood how it worked, but I "felt" how it worked ) he was able to help them shift their blocked energies around and release their memories of devastating events during their time in Vietnam and by doing so, almost magically their symptoms would subside!

Presently I use Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Psychotherapy and Advanced EFT
Therapy for any case which involves physical and/or emotional trauma
with unexplained  significant symptoms.
I find that in such cases very little progress is made when the energetic imbalance is not corrected and the trauma is not cleared from the subconscious and by only following established medical protocols.

Post again or message me if you need details.

Please note that this information is not intended as a substitute for medical

Best wishes.

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