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Does alcohol make your FM worse?
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Does alcohol make your FM worse?

I had cups of sake last night. 10 mins after the drinking, tender point of my back began to hurt. Later in the night, my pinky finger began to twitch with no stop. Today, I felt all the tender point in my body hurt.

Is it common for FM patient to have alcohol intolerance?

It is quite unusual for me. Alcohol is ok for me before  FM.
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Hey submarine.

Alcohol was probably a contributing factor in your Fibromyalgia.
All disease processes happen because of one main factor.
Loss of cellular energy. Anything that interferes with cellular energy,
is contributing to some imbalance in the body.
And when the imbalance overwhelms the immune system, then disease
processes start, as body parts, organs and systems get weakened and start affecting each other. (Systemic disease)

Once a Systemic disease takes charge of the body, the weakened immune system needs all the help possible, in order to keep the body from further deterioration.
Bad lifestyle choices, like poor nutritional habits, smoking, substance abuse which includes alcohol-sake is a very powerful alcoholic drink!-
deplete even more energy from the body.

My guess is that you have a candida infection, and that your alcohol is feeding the candida, being one of it's favourite sources of energy for growth.
If you feel the need to consume alcohol, it's not just your brain that wants it, it's the candida also that wants it!
In addition to this, alcohol travels fast to the brain, causing cognitive impairment, on top of the candida infection, that can cause drunken-like
states without alcohol consumption! Long term effects are associated
with deficiencies in the B vitamins, vital for neurological function, among other processes.

1530171 tn?1448133193

My suggestions:
1. Lay-off the alcohol for a while.
2. get tested for deficiencies including Thiamine (B1) -common deficiency caused by alcohol consumption-
tissue (not blood!) magnesium, Vitamin D, neurotransmitters.
3. Get tested for tartaric acid (Urine test) which is a toxin.
4. Do a preliminary test for candida on your own.
Search YouTube for "saliva test for candida".
5. If positive do an anti-candida diet and consume 2-4 Tablespoons of coconut  virgin oil daily, which is a very potent anti-fungal agent (better than drugs).

Hope this helps and please post again with an update and to get further
recommendations, once you have some results.
Fibro is a syndrome that can be controlled. This could be the start for you.


PS. There's a glitch in MedHelp and can't submit long posts.
That's why the 2 posts.
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