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Does gabapentin (Neurontin) do much for fibromyalgia pain?
I am supposed to take two 100mg capsules at bedtime and am wondering what to expect.
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Hi FaithforHealing.
I like your name and I have actually used Faith for healing and other things
many times in my life.

The jury is out on the gabapentin and its benefits. No consensus!
You could do OK on it, but it might take a while, you could have serious side-effects or experience no relief what-so-ever!

If I were you, I would get the low thyroid function properly regulated.
I've come across some of your posts on the thyroid forum.
Your RT3 is high and there a gazillion factors around  that, but
one underlooked factor is adrenal stress, where the adrenals down-regulate thyroid function for their own recovery.
You seem to have the MTHFR gene mutation, which predisposes you to
poor detoxification, low folate and low B12  in their methylated forms:
methylfolate and methylocobalamin. The tell tell sign is your above range
B12 (cobalamin). It does not convert to its neurological form Methylocobalamin due to your low methylation.
The constant biological stress due to low methylation and all its effects on your body, leads to a vicious cycle of biological stress--> adrenal stress->
low thyroid function--> impaired ability to repair, maintain and heal from anything.
The last thing I would recommend to you is taking Gabapentin and Synthroid or Levothyroxine.

My opinion is that you take the minimum starting dose of NDT along with
and  Cytomel also in the minimum starting dose.
For  the suspected and very likely MTHFR mutation, I would avoid all forms of cobalamin and take ONLY methylfolate along with methylocobalamin.
If you are on a budget ,TMG supplementation (cheaper) is another pathway for methylation you could try as a trial.

You really need to look at this seriously, instead of band-aid solutions
for temporary relief at best, but with long term implications, in light of
your (suspected) MTHFR mutation(s) and everything else going on.

If your GABA is low there are natural and safe ways to boost its levels.
I take Taurine, which a precursor to GABA, to boost my levels.
Also by taking vitamin B6 – for people with MTHFR mutations – as B6 converts glutamate to GABA.

Your serotonin and dopamin levels might be low as well, due to poor
conversion, so should your methylation improve with the above suggestions, those neurotransmitter levels would gradually improve.

Avoid sugars and cabs from desserts, breads, etc as much as possible!
They are all pro-inflammatory, interfere with thyroid function, and increase
tartaric acid ( tissue toxin) which feeds off yeast/fungi , which BTW feed off carbs!  Malic acid is a good remedy to lower Tartaric acid and the best
source is raw apple cider vinegar. Your pain should lessen, just form avoiding carbs and taking ACV!

Time to catch some ZZZs!
If you have any questions, please send me a message or post here again.
Best wishes,
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