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FM/CFS could be hypothyroidism type 2
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FM/CFS could be hypothyroidism type 2


One day in September of 2001, I went to bed feeling fine.  The next morning I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept.  I went to be early that day and tried to get 12+ hours of sleep.  Same thing happened again and again.  Days turned into weeks and weeks into months.  For the next 9.5 years I suffered terribly.

I went to all kinds of doctors and specialists.  I had every test done that the doctors or I could think of.  All results were negative normal.  I tried all kinds of treatments and therapies.  All affected the symptoms but it never seemed like they got at the root cause.  I was baffled and so were my doctors.

I have been searching the web ever since I got sick and I found this radio interview.
I apologize for the outside links.  The interview starts five minutes in.

In the interview, Dr. Mark Starr says if you have a low basal/resting body temperature and some other symptom like fatigue and/or pain (i.e. CFS/fibromyalgia) you could be hypothyroid type 2 (HT2).

Hypothyroid type 1 is where your thyroid gland produces little or no hormone and this is easily detected by a blood test (which I had done several times).  Hypothyroid type 2 is where your thyroid gland produces a "normal" amount of hormone but your body needs more.  Dr. Starr's has a book "Hypothyroid Type 2."  I bought a used copy online but it's pretty much the same info as in the radio interview but with more of the history of his research.

I followed his directions.  I started taking iodine to build up my adrenals and then I started taking thyroid.  Both available online for cheap by several different manufacturers without a prescription.  I also supplemented with vitamin C and selenium.  

It was like waking up from a nightmare.  Within two days I was feeling better.  Within a week I knew I had found a major piece of the puzzle.  I realize now I was incorrectly diagnosed with CFS/Fibromyalgia.  I am HT2.  The sad part is that the symptoms were staring the doctors in the face all the time.  My temperature has always been low.  I was always cold even in the Summer.  It's been over a year and I can go a whole day and I still have energy left over at the end of the day.  I still need a nap usually but I am down to 8 hours of sleep a day and I do physical things (like mow my lawn again :)

I am not a medical practitioner so make sure you consult a physician and do the research before trying any medication or treatment.

Lord Ugh
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I'm so pleased you feel better.
I've just had to change endo dr. Had a million blood tests. Found low cortisol, low vit d, thyroid ok on present dosage.
Strangely, have always had low temp but all girls, mum, my kids, me all
have low temp so thought it was genetic.
Have an appt in a few weeks. Will print transcript if I can find it, or buy book.
I am disgustingly ignorant about my thyroid gland.thought it just needed to be working at the right speed re. metabolism. Thought the levo tabs sorted all this out.
How do you take thyroxine if your levels are ok? Don't you get hyper symptoms? We are always told not to mess with the  tabs as it's such a delicate balance.
I'll listen to the doc as you suggest and maybe I'll be able to get my head round it.
Thank you for your post.
As you say, it is vital that everyone consults their doc before trying anything.
Take care
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BTW, the site, which was blocked in the link in my original post is *** curezone ******* ***.

Dr. Starr describes to easy ways to test for HT2.  First take your basal (resting) temperature.  To do that put a thermometer in your underarm first thing in the morning before you get up.  Try to use an old-school thermometer instead of digital one. You can buy one at CVS/Walgreens for like $10.  Shake it down over your bed so you when you drop it, it falls on something soft.  Leave the thermometer in your underarm for 10 minutes.  If you are more than one degree below 98.6 and you have some other symptom like fatigue/pain (FM)/brainfog then you could be HT2.  Men and post-menopausal women can take they temp any day.  Pre-menopausal woman can only take their temp on the 2-4 day of bleeding.

Any test is myxedema. Mucin builds up under the skin making it thick and puff.  Pinch the skin on the back of your hand.  Notice how thin it is.  The rest of your body should be the same way.  Now pinch the skin on your underarm slightly to the outside.  If it's thick, that's myxedema.  It used to be painful when I pinched it.  It stung like crazy.  Now it's much better.

Dr. Starr says that taking the synthetic stuff (thyroxine) makes your blood tests results appear normal but patients still suffer from the symptoms.  He recommends taking the natural stuff which is desiccated thyroid.  They cut the thyroid gland from an animal, usually pig or cow, remove the liquid (desiccate), grind up and mash into a pill.  You can get it either prescription or non-prescription.  I decided to go non-prescription and I bought mine on Amazon and VitaCost.  I'm sure there are other places to get it.  There are at least three different brands.  Dr. Starr warns that it's vital to take iodine for at least a month before starting the thyroid otherwise you can permanently damage your adrenal glands.  Listen to the audio link.  He describes all of this.  I burned a CD and listened to it in the car on the way to work.

Dr. Starr says it is hereditary and usually passed on by the mother.  I can see the signs in my mother.  She is always cold and has myxedema and high cholesterol.  All signs of HT2.
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Send me a message to get the site name for the audio link.  
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Great info, as it opens up another possibility for curing "trash" label conditions, such as CFS and FMS, since this presents the patients
with a verifiable treatable disorder, when all criteria are met.
Caution: Do not expect much support from your doctor or specialist.
Look for a hypothyroid 2 friendly doctor, or best seek a naturopathic
doctor to facilitate the proper treatment for you.

The majority of CFS and FMS sufferers, will have higher basal temperature readings, as the underlying cause for these conditions, is an undiagnosed pathogenic infection, such as Pathogenic Mycoplasma infection, where a low grade fever is very characteristic.
However, in the event of lower basal readings, when taken accurately, and when combined with myxedema testing as well as testing for deficient adrenal glands and high cholesterol, hypothyroidism 2 is suspect.
Note: If sleeping close to your partner, incorrect (higher) temperature readings will be likely, as excessive heat is produced and maintained.
Also excessive shaking of the thermometer to bring it to the starting temperature level, will probably cause higher readings, as your body is
producing higher heat with this activity.

It is refreshing to read some "good news" posts.

Blessings to both of you!

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