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Fainting Spells, petechia spots, and low BP in 30yr old with Possible ...
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Fainting Spells, petechia spots, and low BP in 30yr old with Possible Lupus

last month I had my menstrual cycle and didnt stop bleeding for over 3 weeks and started developing petechia spots on my stomach and chest and I have had petechia before when my Internal Med Dr thought I had Nephrotic Syndrome and I was referrd to a Nephrologist and he dx me with lupus Nephritis I have had a positive ANA and sm-RNP ab positive with 8/11 criteria for lupus but the rhumy i was sent to refuses to dx me for some reason! He keeps giving me excuse after excuse of why I dont have lupus and every other Dr I see knows I have it except the ones who work with HIM! Funny! ? I have been having these spells where I almost or sometimes do pass out  for a couple of weeks. I get dizzy, then shaky, start hearing everyone around me but just am to weak to talk and start pouring sweat with chills after and dont know why ! I dont know if my platelets are low or my RBC ? I have a bad rash on my ankles and it is only getting worse but its nothing new because I have had weird rashes for 12 yrs!  They only respond to steroids! SO I checked my blood pressure and it is usually severely high 140/100- 160/120 and it is now 119/ 76! So It is a major drop ! I have weakness of all my muscles and my legs are very weak when trying to walk up stairs!  I dotn know what type of Dr to go to? My Nephrologist, Endocrinologist, or Cardiologist? I have all 3 specialist but am looking for a new Internal Med Dr and Rheumatologist. My Raynauds is acting up a lot and I am having alot of foamy urine as well which is usually from proteinuria so I dont know what to do but I am getting scared because I slept all weekend only waking up to got to the bathroom (All night) and to eat when able and not nauseated! I amnot dehydrated because I make sure to drink! I have been up since 7am and alreasdy had another episode about 2 hrs ago and now I am weak really weak! I thought it was hypoglycemia which i have but its not eating does nothing to help at all! It wont pass until I lay down and sleep and when I wake back up I am drained! no matrer how long i sleep! I took my blood pressure when I was up and feeling a little better so I can only imagine how low it was when I am feeling faint! Any ideas of what this could be? And do you think I lost to much blood? I am scared because I am about to start my menstrual cycle again and just stopped bleeding from last  month.
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Hi Samantha.

Many of your issues may be attributed to Leaky Gut Syndrome.
If you see how this condition impacts all systems and can lead to many
so-called auto-immune diseases, then you might be able to connect some dots.

This is from a recent reply to another member, which applies to you just the

" I'm so sorry to read about all these health issues that you're having.
Look into the following for answers:
Leaky Gut Syndrome, Gut Dysbiosis, Candida, SCD (The Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome)."

After you research all these, you may post again with your questions and comments, or you may send me a message directly.

Wish you well.

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