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First time here...could this be fibro?
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First time here...could this be fibro?

Hello I'm new to this and still trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together....I would appreciate any info or advice. So here goes..I've had back pain for yrs due to my job (nail tech) in the past a massage always helped and I was fine. About a year ago it got pretty bad and I just dealt with it for about 6 mos and finally went to my dr. Was prescribed Robaxin & hydrocodone they both helped a lot at first... As time has gone on I've been noticing patterns of feeling ok on some days and on other days I wake up in pain for no apparent reason....hip muscles hurt so bad I can hardly walk...unrelenting neck pain. I had a massage over a week ago and it completely inflammed amount of anything would give me relief...I finally go in to see my dr and she had to give me some kind of shot to help relax neck and shoulder muscles. She changed my muscle relaxer to Norflex and put me on prednisone and said she wanted to look for a pattern and possibly check my thyroid. I've don't nothing but try to relax since the dr visit but the muscles are still trying to tighten back up. This is awful...Oh and to top all of this off I'm going through a custody battle and my lawyer doesn't want me taking meds!!! I'm not an addict...Im not a drinker...never even had a cavity!!!  Ins won't pay for MRI for 1 yr....X-rays were normal but showed muscle spasm. I'm scared to death to go back to work and make it hurt again!
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Hi. I've had fibro for 16 years now. One thing that helps me more than anything on my bad days is to soak in a tub of water as warm as I can stand (not too hot) for 30 mins to an hour. I don't jump out of the tub feeling great, but it does help and it seems to help get me closer to a good day quicker. Soaking in water is also recommended for dehydration, which seems, for me at least, to be a problem associated with taking medications. The dehydration causes the fibro pain to be even worse, so its a double-whammy. The warm water not only relaxes my muscles, but also helps me to re-hydrate my body. Also, because inflammation is such a problem with fibro, try eating roasted pumpkin seeds; they seem to help keep the inflammation down. Stress is one of the worst agitators of fibro, and I'm sure with your custody battle (been there) the stress is worsening things for you. Just try to find ways to relax as much as possible - the tub soak helps. Try finding a completely quite place to lay down and relax for a least 30 mins during the day, even if its just in your car; it will help. Also, try to stay as positive as you can; your body will release endorphins which will help your feel better physically and emotionally. Fibro is not an easy thing to have to live with, just try to control it instead of letting it control you. Good luck to you.
I soak anywhere from 1-3 times a day. Epsom salts really seem to help me. There's even a lavender scented one that helps with relaxation. Super inexpensive at the dollar store! I have also heard that magnesium flakes from a health store are even better. I live in the boonies and haven't found them to try for myself tho. Good luck with your custody. I know it is a very difficult time for you.
I am new here and also have Fibro
I was on lots of pain meds but stopped taking due to what they were doing to my mind and my body.
Hot soaks are Great. At home I have a Hot Tub an it is AWSOME!!
I now lve on the road with my truck driver husband.  So nothit baths just hot showers...  :(
I take Visteril for anxity and aggitation it seem to somewhat relax me when the pain and muscels are thight. Mine get sooo tight in my back/shoulders that it feeels hard to breath... I HATE that feeling. Alsoy Xanax helps to relax me a bit.
But best is my hubby massaging them!

I so feel for all of you.
Living with Fibro is an aughful thing
I know if I force my self to go for walks even if only 5 minutes it does help.

Sorry and please excuse any typos.  I am on my IPhone bouncing down the road in a simi right now.
And if anything I posted doesn't make sense just excuse it.
My Fibro Fog is BAD today, I just can't seem to get it together!

Hope everyone is feeling better today.


what i don't understand is the prednisone.
what you have listed are not indication of anything that would require prednisone.
prednisone can cause major health problems so its mostly used to treat major disorders.

you say you are a nail tech  and i take it to mean fingernails.

if you have been doing this daily for years you may be having neurological problems from the toxic solvents in the nail products.

for the most part these products are safe for use by someone on "there nails" but the cumulative exposure of someone working with them or around them 8 hours a day 5 days a week could be toxic.

yes with back problems it could be fibro
but with a posable chemical exposure it could also be something like small fiber neuropathy or one of the other neuro disorders caused by toxic solvents

you might want to try gabapentin as it works for fibro and small fiber neuropathy
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