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So long story short back in August my wife told me she was pregnant and about a week after i woke up with chest pains. A month after that i quit smoke cigs. Now lets break this down month by month.
August - Chest Pain / Seen in ER all normal and all test ekg negative
Septemebr - Chest and Arm pain / Seen in ER all test and EKG negative/ Also seen by PCP
October - Same thing once again seen by my PCP twice and EKG normal
November - Chest and Arm and Back and Neck pain/ Seen in the ER again told costochiondritis. Seen by my PCP he sent me for an echo anfter doing an EKG all negative and normal
December - Same
January - Chest pain arm pain back pain neck pain / Seen in ER EKG clear blood work clear and ct scan clear. Kept overnight in cardiac unit ekg every two hours and blood work ALL NEGATIVE
February - Seen a therapist and that didnt help much. Dr put me on zoloft and after a week of feeling nothing i stopped. Seen a cardiologist ekg and stress test clear
March - Son was born and still chest pains arm pains neck back
April - SAME
May (Present) Back on zoloft and told it takes a month or so to build up. I have chest pain arm pain back neck.
From the time of May till now my son had had a major operation me and my wife have marriage issues and my son has nanother surgery coming up for his spine. I have daily chest pain left right middle and sharp at time. I also have burning from throat to stomach at times and random dizzy spells or a feeling of falling. What is this and why can anyone help me out
Have you been checked for arthritis in between your shoulder blades. I have a friend with all the same problems, after checking her out they said it was most likely caused by arthritis that can become worse due to stress, stress can induce panic and it can all feed. I have fibro and that feels to me mostly like I ran a marathon, with the worse flu possible, with intermittent stabbing pains in my muscles, tired all the time and MEMORY forget it, its amazing I have survived as long as I have at work, I have a definite checklist, keep MAJOR notes and calendars, LOL. And the greatest team ever backing me up.
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