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Has anyone used Dr. Teitelbaum's supplements with success?
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Has anyone used Dr. Teitelbaum's supplements with success?

Hi! I have been reading Dr. Teitelbaum's "From Fatigued to Fantastic" book about CFIDS/Fibromyalgia. Has anyone used any of his supplements with success? Such as: the D-ribose for energy? The multi-vitamin powder? Sleep System with natural herbs? Adrenal complex?

Just wanted to know what some have experienced before I go spend more money on more supplements!

Thanks everyone!

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I have heard mixed reviews on Dr. Teitelbaum's research. Some people I've talked to really believe in the program and the supplements to an extreme level. Others have had little success and end up back on the regular programs and doctor prescribed medications.

Personally, I have not tried his program. I am always a little skeptical of expensive options that seem to be feeding on our need to feel better. To me, if it's too good to be true it probably is. If I can't feel better with a normal regimen of regular multivitamins, exercise, and medications, no amount of expensive concoctions of supplements are going to cure my malady. But again, that's just me. Everyone else out there is free to do what they like. Good luck to you in your choice.
I have not heard of Dr. Teitelbaum's supplements. I agree with Dusty, some of these are just alot of hot air.

I do know from experience, I have been on several different anti- depressants and other meds for years now. The one thing that helped me,was prescribed by my NeuroPhycologist, is Deplin. This helps my body to obsorb the meds I am on. I am doing better, not perfect, but it helps me. The emotional stress is what really affects me. I did not realize this until the stresses were removed. This FMS is individual as people. The FMS list is the same, some patients are affected immensely by some of the symthoms and  others are there, just not so intense. When the symthoms are all intense, it is really hard to cope. I don't experience these as often, but I still do. My meds take the edge off, thank God.
Dr. T gained his reputation, I think, because he was a ME/CFSer and supposedly cured.  

Most of his supplemenets are on the pricy side.  That said, we have to understand there're so many sub-types in thie disease, what works miracles  for one, may not work for another.

Perhaps, it would be best to consider Dr. T's regiment under your own doctor's supervision. Many ME/CFS doctors considered D-ribose, I tried it, but not sure I benefited on it.  

Happy Thanksgiving.huggies.
There are so many schemes/scams for fibro.  I have found over the years that keeping our immune systems up is the key.  Things like pro-biotics are exellent.  In addition two things I LOVE are grapefruit seed extract, astragulas and vitamin d are excellent.  I am also taking an iodine supplement.  I don't believe in these one size fits all deals, so be careful what you take.
Thanks for the responses! I too don't believe in a "one size fits all" cure but i do think that there are a lot of small things that are wrong with us CFS and FM people that need to be treated separately. The wellness doctor I am now using had suggested that I read Dr. Teitelbaum's book. I'm currently on thyroid (t3) therapy for my hypothyroidism, and cortef for my adrenal insufficiency. I am also taking transfer factor plasmyc for EBV. I take a multivitamin pack, Vit C, Adrenal Cortex, Magnesium Citrate, DHEA, Acidophilus..Ultram when the FM pain gets to be too much and Ambien to sleep! It's crazy how many pills and supplements I take,being only 23. I just wish there was a simpler/cheaper way! I'm going to run out of money just to continue taking these high quality vitamins and meds!! We CFS/FMers need our own program to help pay for our supplements and treatments!
I just wanted to connect with others and see if you'd had any success with ANY of his products or similar products. I am not afraid to try things as long as I can investigate and meet others who may have tried these things.
What do you guys take for your CFS and FM? Where do you order from? How are your symptoms now--do you feel any better or swear by anything you're taking?! I'd like to know!

Thanks everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I take a natural supplement product which is relatively cheap.& you can order online thru one of the more reliable is called PhytoCort TM.which I would swear by.

even though I'm on Cortef, 12.5mg,(for Addison) I don't seem to feel the effect as far as lifting my stamina is concerned. but this product is keeping me alive.

I've tried Ultram, Ambien years ago...didn't work for me.  So, I gave up using it.

As for pain.....I don't take anything for it, only when it comes unbearable and I cannot move around without it, I then take Carisrpodol (a form of muscle relaxant).  

23 is too young to have to deal with all this ...if I can be of any help or share my experience of 16yrs living with ME/CFS,FMS, Addison, HypoT, etc.etc, please don't hesitate to PM me.    

By the way, if you're interested, I will PM you the retalier and its phone # on PhytoCort.

have a Happy!!!

Hi.  I just read Dr. Teitelbaum's book.  The premise that he provides makes sense to me.  ("Throw our circuit breaker")  It would also explain all the different ways that people end up getting CFS and the need for different treatments to become well.

I am a skeptic by nature.  Saying that, what he states in the book makes physical sense to me.  He also states that you can get supplements on your own and if you need one of the scripts, you have to use your physician.  He stated that the supplements he has makes it easier to get the supplements you need in the smallest amount of product.  He also says that he gives all of his profits from supplements to charity so there isn't a conflict in interest.  (I didn't do a check to find out for sure that this is absolute truth, wouldn't know how to.)  

He says that he had CFS and had to drop out of medical school when he had it.  I think that is what allows him to even believe in the disease, let alone treat it.  I don't know if they finally began teaching about CFS in medical school.  It wasn't in the program while he was going to school.  

There is a checklist in the book that you mark as you are reading to know which treatments are important to you.  This makes it very individualist, something that this disease seems to be.  

I plan on starting some of the reccomendations.  I just had some reccomended labs drawn and haven't got the results back to know precisely which supplements I need.  

I am very interested too.  It surprises me more people haven't tried his ideas.  I know I tried a lot of things when I first was diagnosed (1994), but as time went on, I became so skeptical that I quit trying all the "new" things.  

Keep in touch, Hope anything I said helps,
I agree with a lot of what the doctor recommends. My GP suggested I use the Corvalen (advertized on Dr. Ts site) ...this is the D Ribose. She also suggested I take something called Adrenal Pro (which is a thyroid, adrenal gland support supplement) I also use Magnesium chelate in high doses for the muscle cramping. Then, of course, the pain meds. I'm using Lyrica, which is working for me even though it has caused weight gain. It's a simple trade off, weight or pain? I choose to have less pain. Once a month I get a Lidocaine subcutaneous infusion from my pain specialist. I also use slow release hydrodcodone in low dose (currently 3g., but may increase that) and Tylenol 3s (about 6 per day) Yup, that's a lot of meds and I barely get by on that. The supplements definitely help though. Just as important as the meds. This regimen seems to be working for me. All the best as you discover what works  for you.
Hi, I tried it for about a year. Not much help. I still take D-Ribose but I get it from Swansons vitamins. I really can't say it helps much yet but I figured I would finish the jar cause it cost so much. Ove about 5 years I have tried many things and the only thing that helps is vicodin, soma, ambien, and regular massage. Happy New Year
Hi looks like the discussion is about over, but I was searching for the website to buy some of Dr. T's vitamins and came across this discussion.  I went to a Fibro & Fatigue Center for 2 yrs that used T.'s protocol, and even had some email contact w/ the good Dr. himself.  My experience was that I saw people all around me at the facility getting better and only coming in for "tune-ups".  I wasn't one of them.  The protocol was pricey for sure, but after research and checking they had an 85% success rate and at that time I was a firm believer that if there was help out there, I was getting it and I was going to get better.

I did see the 85% success rate.  I may have been misdiagnosed.  I was very frustrated with mainstream medical profession who diagnosed me then said there was nothing they could do.  I felt like I was thrown in a catch all basket that allowed them to do nothing.

Eventually a neurologist found pre-seizure activity in my brain, an MRI brought a dx of spinal stenosis, and I have some arthritis and neuropathy. Guess I fell apart all at once.  

These issues are controlled with treatments specific to them.  The muscle aches I get (they feel like I've done a heavy workout & I have not) continue to baffle me. I'm not a-ok but not nearly as bad as I was when I was trying to treat fibro-chronic fatigue.  Most of those treatments just made me feel worse but I think it was because my real issues were not addressed.   I was out of the workforce for years; it was pretty grim.

My heart goes out to people with this diagnosis! I did learn to be a lot more compassionate to chronically ill people, and open minded when it comes to health issues.  For me, it wasn't just being so sick that hurt--the attitude from M.D.s and people who forgot I was very sick was very difficult for me to deal with.  I could not get anyone to understand my symptoms!  When I said I was weak and light headed they wrote down "fatigue".  My joints hurt from arthritis.  I had horrible headaches from the stenosis.  Of course every "tender point" hurt.  I went to a LOT of dr's too.  Every one of them wanted to write me off as fibro-fatigue.  I finally went to a welfare type clinic that took my insurance, saw a nurse practitioner, and she started sending me to specialists for each specific symptom.  I actually did better with the old age Dr.'s who "didn't believe in" CFS or fibro so they would LOOK for something else.  What an experience!  It lasted a long, long time, too.

The climate has to improve and eventually--well remember when R.A was "all in your head" and ulcers were not a virus but "inability to cope with stress" and diet?  Asthma was also a hypochondriac's disease as was epilepsy.  There WILL be more information and treatments available some DAY.  Ok this is a long post and I need to climb off my soap box.  :)

And I sure got way off just addressing the post :)  Apologies.  It was a very trying time as I'm sure all of you are familiar with!

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