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Hello, Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum.  I was diagnosed with fibro 3 years ago.  For me this has just gotten worse over time.  I was taken off work in April and am unsure when I will return.  This has been like one constant flare up since March.  I found this site while looking for a journal of some kind I could print or copy.  I am really hoping the tracker app will help me.  I am also a great listener and willing to support anyone needing it.  Fibro is an extremely cruel disorder and no one should suffer it alone.  I am also willing to take all the friends, support and advice I can get.   Looking forward to meeting you all.
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Hey Jakaril.
Welcome to the forum!
Sorry to hear about your situation.

It sure is one of the cruelest things out there!
However, our common intention is to minimize this reality ( or is it just one's perspective ?)
Through friends, support, advice and empowerment this can be achieved.

Knowledge is not enough, I find, as the pain and suffering overwhelms most sufferers,
to the point where there's very little separation between the label (condition) and the person.
In other words, one's identity, gets overtaken by the disease. Advice, information,
knowledge, become lifeless and seemingly futile, once the concept of this cruel
"reality" gets engraved in our sub-conscious.
Immersing ourselves into the concepts of true healing at all levels-physical, emotional and spiritual- may lead eventually to actual healing.

It is a such a challenging task, however, by helping empower each other, dealing more effectively with fibro, will become much easier.

I commend you, for taking this step today to seek and offer friendship and support.
My own path to healing and wellness, has  been a difficult one , but quite rewarding,
thanks to the kindness,help and support of some special people in my life, along
with my own perseverance and determination.

Please post your comments  and questions here, and I will share in the near future,some of my advice and knowledge, through my experiences.

Blessings to all,

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Hello Jakaril,
I too suffer from Fibro, and many other inflammatory and auto immune issues. Pain is our enemy. A walking bruise! I have found that stress and depression make the pain worse. Also, not moving around will cause more pain too.  Gotta get the blood flowing...stretching helps me ALOT. Good stretches...not the ones that hurt. If it hurts...lighten up but don't stop.  Also, Vit B 12 and complex, Vit D and LOTS of water will help too!  I have found that muscle relaxers (Flexeril, etc...) DO NOT help me. Because fibro is a "nerve" issue, I have found only opiates really help. many docs will NOT prescribe them though.  Moist heat, massage (does help alot), and a supportive network of friends and family do wonders!
Ultram, a synthetic, non-narcotic helps a liitle for the pain, but not a whole lot helps with the tension the muscles are producing. Actually, Tylenol PM Extra Strength is great for sleeping!
Good luck...I hope this helps a little.  You are an official " Fibromite".  :)
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Hey Weffertte.
Welcome to the forum.

Knowledgeable Doctors, indeed, will NOT  prescribe Opiates,
for a very good reason.
Opiates will over stimulate a gene called JNK. There are 3 subtypes of this gene.
The JNK3 is the one specific to one's neurology and brain.
Once activated it will cause neurological cell damage and neurotoxicity.
The body will be "attacked", where it is the weakest. Over prolonged "attack" ( during JNK over stimulation) some people will develop Parkinson's, some Cancer,some Alzheimer's some FMS ,some Bi-Polar etc.
Acemtaminophen, contained in Tylenol, will stimulate the JNK gene as well.
(The trade-off for a good night's sleep is clearly to your disadvantage, to my opinion.)
Should you be interested in something natural, safe and probably better than any drug,
please message me directly or post at the alternative therapies (within this forum),
because of forum rules and proper etiquette.

There are many causative factors in JNK expression and activation.
Many drugs as I mentioned before, stress, inflammation, viruses,antibiotics, pesticides, toxins,heavy metals and other.
The interesting finding is that in all these, there's a common denominator.
And this may hold the key to the cure of many auto-immune and neurological conditions.
And it's called Glutathione. It is the body's Master Anti-oxidant.
I've been researching this area for quite some time, as I have a close relative diagnosed with bi-polar,a close friend with Fibro and another friend with P.P.A. ( Primary Progressive Aphasia- loss of speach). All have something in common. Low Glutathione levels.
As a matter of fact, Glutathione deficiency will cause JNK activation!
Many Doctors, are not up to date with this information -JNK gene expression and the effects of low Glutathione levels in the body- specially the ones trained before 2003.

Glutathione production in the body is a complex process and any supplementation to raise the production is subject to numerous limitations.
Should you need info on raising your Glutathione levels safely and efficiently,
send me a message, or for other members benefit, post at the alternative therapies.  

Please take your time to read and understand this info, as it is very pertinent to your condition(s).
This is only my educated opinion through my own experiences and research, therefore you should do your own research and consult your  Health Care Professional,
before making any decisions regarding your own health.
Blessings to all,

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