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High Thyroid Antibodies
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High Thyroid Antibodies

I went to see my GYN because of recent weight gain and fatigue.  He ordered TSH, T3 Free, T4 Free and Thyroid Peroxidate AB.  My antibodies were 712, but all other tests were normal. TSH was 1.29, T3 Free was 3.8 and T4 free was .8.
Does anyone know what this means.  

Some people get hypothyroid just from the thyroid gland getting tired and sputtering out or sometime from some other infection or illness. The most common cause of hypothyroid is from Hashimoto autoimmune. Hashimoto can have some more severe symptoms than non-autoimmune hypothyroid as it progresses in some people. Luckly you can find out more info here on the thyroid disorders forum than any doctor will most likely tell you.

Thyroid Peroxidate AB is also called TPO antibodies. Its your own antibodies that are attacking your thyroid gland, which is what happens in autoimmune Hashimoto Thyroiditis.  The high antibody level comes first, within time the thyroid starts to produce less thyroid hormone which is fuel for all the cells in the body.  These hormones are T3 and T4, the tests are free T3 and Free T4, amount of each 'free' hormone in your blood that is available for your cells to use. TSH is a signal from the pituitary gland telling the thyroid gland how much hormone to make. The way its suposed to work is when T3 and T4 are low (the #) then the TSH signal increaes telling the throid to prodice more. But if the thyroid is not working right the TSH goes up , but the T3 and T4 wont keep up.

T4 is the long term storage hormone which is supposed to be converted to T3 which is what your cells consume every second. TSH is the signal.

In car terms. TSH is the gas pedal, T3 is the fuel in the gas tank and T4 is the fuel at the gas station, make more sense now?  

You realy need the ranges provided per test to compare your results. Ranges do vary per instrument used in testing your blood.

I am familiar with some ranges. The TP AB is over the limit on all ranges I've seen. The Free T4 might be low but just barely in range (look on your test sheet). TSH still looks normal.

I would suggest a TG AB antibody test as well. Surprised you didnt get one, the other test for Hashimoto.

As time goes by , if your frees drop and you need replacment hormone, then that is prescribed. The cost is pretty low. The most common is synthetic T4 which works on about 90% of people. The others might need synthetic t3 or a combination of natural t3 and t4 combined. Some will say there is only one med. Those Drs are in the dark or receiving payoffs from the med companies and keeping patients sick. I say this with Hashimoto experience of several decades.

Learn what you can and keep an eye on ft3 and ft4 levels wich are more important and more accurate than TSH, but they cost your insurance more so many Drs are more likely to test and treat by TSH - thats not right.

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