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Is this Fibromyalgia??
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Is this Fibromyalgia??

Last spring I got really sick, (pneumonia and mold exposure which I am allergic to)
since then I hurt all over in different parts of my body at different times of the day. Blood pressure used to be 150/92 for my norm and it dropped to 90/60 57bpm for 3-4 weeks and went to normal readings.
I started having trouble swallowing and gastro did scope and said my esophagus was spasming and I had a bad gall bladder.
I had it removed and developed muscle twitches all over body, glands in neck swells, lymphnodes swell up and little lung infections that seem to move throughout the day from one place to another.
Ive just started getting crawling sensations up/down my spine that seems to spread across back at times and on the right side of my face as well.
Blood work comes back fine everytime I goto the E.R. for what seems like allergic reactions to something...used to give me hives and started taking hydroxazine/zyrtec and the hives went away and then it felt like I was being attacked internally includ\ing my brain...quit taking it and now just benadryl and the hives came back..(will take thed hives over the latter)
At times it feels like pain starts on left side towards the back and wraps around to the front, nmy painpills I take (oxycodone 15mg) I have to divide in half and take 20 mins apart or it seems to tweek me out like a tight guitar string and my anxiety meds dont seem to work like something is blocking it.
My doctor probably thinks I'm crazy as the pains keep morphing into new symptoms...
any clues at all??
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Hey LBogie1968.

No, this does not sound like Fibromyalgia.
It sounds like a systemic infectious condition, more like a pathogenic
mycoplasma infection which is extremely difficult to detect, diagnose and treat

My suspicion is that the underlying infection got triggered by the mold illness/exposure to mycotoxins which combined with the pneumonia,
rendered your immune system very vulnerable, thus easily susceptible to
such an attack.

Do a search here, on the right column of this page, where it says search this community. Search for Dr. Garth Nicolson, the worlds top expert on
such infections. There are 84 references (posts) and reading some of them may help you get a better understanding of what could be involved .
I noticed that he hasn't been around in quite some time, but you can  visit his website (it's listed in the first thread)  and email him if you need to.
Also you may post again here and myself or other members can try to answer your questions.  
Hang in there, this may take some time to resolve, but we're here to offer support.
Take care.
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