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Itchy skin
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Itchy skin

Omg!!! Does anyone has itch a lot...the tops of my feet itched so bad and I have scratched till I now have sores happens sometimes on my legs too....does anyone else have this??? Please help
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hey Jenny.

Here's my opinion.
Dysregulation of neurotransmitters (NT) in FMS, affects the Merkel's discs,
sensory nerve ending pressure plate receptors located in your outer skin.
They translate touch, pressure and texture and send it to the brain, but their default is itchiness when they don't know what  message to send, b/c of the dysregulation of NTs.
Dryness will make it worse.
Energy medicine (spinal release  procedure) might correct it, specially if connected to anxiety and stress.
I suggest testing for NTs if available-tough field in medicine- pm me for link
if you need.
NTs testing should be a must for FMS, as they have to do with sleep regulation, pain regulation, pain sensation, immune function and more.
Take care.

Ohmygosh! My armpits itch so bad that I claw the skin off at night. Everytime I get hot it hits twice as hard. Even taking a shower is making it worse!
Can anyone else please comment on this??
Hey Jenny.

It must be frustrating to feel this way.
Unfortunately there are no simple answers.
I understand that you just wish, someone out there, has a little miracle remedy to make this go away.
My daughter who's a holistic health practitioner and aromatherapist
uses a few drops of Organic Peppermint Oil over the itchy areas.
You may also try Aloe vera gel, as this works well too.
ACV (apple cider vinegar) may help also, but do a test on a small area
first, just in case you react.
The above suggestions are for relief only, not cure.

Wish you well.
I am always itchy!  The tops of my feet itch really bad, too.  It's really annoying and embarassing to have to take my shoes off at work to scratch!!

I do have dry skin and that makes it worse.  I scratch my arms and hands so much that I break the skin and bleed.  The areas that itch seem to change every so often, but the tops of my feet have been the worst lately.

Hopefully someone will have an answer!
Hi jvan.
Welcome to the forum.

I will make one more attempt to help you Jen and Jenny also.

Chronic itchiness treatment is behind times, as symptom relieving
conventional treatments don't work, since the medical establishment has failed to identify the real cause of this, unless the immune system
can correct this.

In Fibromyalgia , Neurotransmitter Dysregulation  is something that comes up in the research circles all the time!
Any communication between your neurons depends on chemicals called neurotransmitters, which create and control signaling for whatever happens in the body
Every time you get an itch, hear a sound, or experience anxiety, neurotransmitters are responsible!
So FMS and CFS have been linked to Neurotransmitter Dysregulation.

When the levels of NTs are not within normal ranges for proper functioning,
can have an impact on any organ or system in the body.

Now about your itchiness.
When your sensory nerve ending receptors of your skin that sense
pressure, touch, texture , get disrupted and "confused" due to some  factors such as NT dysregulation (primary), fluid constriction in close proximity to the receptors, dryness and other (secondary)
not being able to transmit a known message to the brain, they revert to the default, which is a message of ITCHINESS!!!
The chronic nature of the Neurotransmitter imbalance is therefore the
suspected culprit in Chronic Itchiness.

The real challenge is, that since your doctor will not look into Neurotransmitter Dysregulation- trust me on this- is to find a really
knowledgeable Holistic Practitioner to help you with this.
The only really accurate tests are for research purposes. Sadly there used to come up with new psych meds and anti-depressants (Big $$$$$!)

There are professional questionnaires available for a Neurotransmitter
Assessment, if you can convince your doctor, to conduct for you,
but again I really doubt, that this will take place.
It is unfortunate, since I believe, this the the area where cure for
many types of FMS can be found.
You may try the remedies I mentioned for relieving your itchiness, however,
if you are truly interested to pursue the NT issue and hopefully get to the   bottom of this, either find the right Holistic practitioner to help you,
or pm me for some suggestions.

This is only my opinion and not intended as a substitute for medical advice.
Take care.

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