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Leg Pain and Soreness
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Leg Pain and Soreness


About 4 years ago I started to get leg pain that I thought was caused by a lot of physical activity when redoing landscaping around my home. I did a lot of lifting, which I thought was the cause of my leg pain.  After the pain did not subside I decided to go to my family doctor for a physical.  My physical came back with no real issues.  At that point we started a variety of different tests, xrays and MRI.  

The Xrays showed very small signs of arthritis.  The MRI showed some small narrowing of the discs but nothing not normal for someone 57 years old.

I had a neurol conduction tests done and the doctor said that I had great reaction for someone my age.

I had two vascular tests done for blood flow and I had no issues with that.

Besides my family doctor, I have been to an orthopedic surgeon, neurologists, neurol surgeon, chiropractor and a rheumatologist, I get massages done once every two weeks, I have had epidurals, I have done acupuncture,

After all this, all I found that I had high uric acid level of 9 that has been lowered to 7 and it may be lower now since I have been using Allo Purrinol.  Even though my uric acid level has dropped the pain has gotten worse.  My diet has never been that bad.  The rheumatologist thinks it is hereditary.

Right now, I am at a loss.  My diet has never been bad and I have even improved on my diet by reducing the few things I like but rarely eat.  I was not a big eater of red meat, shell fish and other items on the gout list. I do not drink or smoke.

I am just getting tired of having this constant pain in my legs.  The only time my legs really do not ache is when I am driving.  Not sure why that is.  If I walk a lot they hurt or if I am laying down they hurt.  I was told I did not have PAD.

If anyone has any other ideas of what I might have, please let me know.



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The cause for your symptom could be Restless leg syndrome . Restless leg syndrome is a common cause of painful legs. The leg pain of restless leg syndrome typically eases with motion of the legs and becomes more noticeable at rest. Restless leg syndrome also features worsening of symptoms during the early evening or later at night. The characteristic nighttime worsening of symptoms in persons with restless legs syndrome frequency leads to insomnia.Restless leg syndrome usually begins slowly. Over time, the legs become more affected. Less frequently, restless leg syndrome can affect the arms.
There are many conditions which can mimic restless leg syndrome including muscle diseases, joint conditions, nerve problems, and circulation difficulties. Hyperuricemia or high levels of uric acid may result from -Increased production of uric acid from purine , kidneys cannot get rid of the uric acid in your blood, resulting in high levels,Certain cancers, or chemotherapy agents , Medications - can cause increased levels of uric acid in the blood ,Endocrine or metabolic conditions -certain forms of diabetes, or acidosis can cause hyperuricemia .Please discuss these possibilities with the physician .For complete information on leg pain , please visit the site - Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !

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