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Hi guys,
            Im in the process of being diagnosed with Fibro (ruling out everything else first) and ive already been diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome.
I carry a lot of tension round my neck and shoulder muscles which are really painful and my dr says they are rock hard. I get an awful lot of headaches that pain killers dont touch and my dr believes its because of the tension in my shoulders and neck.
Because of this my partner keeps saying about getting a professional massage (the person is a friend of my mums and shes properly qualified in aromatherapy and massage)
The problem is i dont really want to be touched and its become a bit of a phobia for me now cos im scared it will really hurt and make things worse in the long run.
I'm kind of in a catch 22 situation cos my shoulders are getting worse and the headaches are more frequent and last longer. I probably have at least one headache at some point in everyday obviously varying in pain levels.
What do you think? Has anyone else has success with massage? Or has anyone found it really not useful and more trouble then its worth?
I've posted the same thing in the fibro uk forums without reply so i thought id try here to.
Take Care everyone xxxxx
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Welcome! I identify with you immensely. I have several  kinds of massage equipment including a TENS unit. That is an electric pulse gadget. My mind is not finding the correct words lol
There are many ways to massage , handheld, heated shoulder units ( the best) and stimulation.
You do not need to have someone touch you to massage. My Neuro loves the TENS unit for me. You can use a heating pad over the sticky pads also.

One thing you should do for yourself is test for Lymes and associated diseases.  Look up the ILADS site.  Fibro has a root in some kind of trigger which initiated the syndrome.
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