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Meds changed again
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Meds changed again

Hello all;
   I ate too much and it was too good!! I hope everyone had a good day with family and friends. I went to see my internist Wed and he changed my pain meds. I told him that the Rheumy had given me percocet and they didn't work. I had them with me and showed him what I had. He took the bottle and the he looked straight at me. He told me that what I had was not percocet. So he called the pharmacy and they told him that I was given a placebo!!

   He then called and spoke to the Rheumy and when he got off the phone he was not happy. Seems the rheumy was trying to help me convince myself that I was actually taking pain meds!! It was my turn to get angry. How dare that man do that. I put my faith in this man to help me try and have as close to normal life as I can get and he gives me something that would never help. So, as of Wed. my internist is taking over my care. I had all of my meds with me and we went over them and he kept me on all of them, and then he gave me a script for norco.

   Today I feel better than I have in weeks, months!! The Ultram ER works great for me, but there are times when I need something for break through pain. I don't need nor will I take the norco every day, but thank goodness I have something now when I do need it.

   Have any of you ever gone through something like this? I am still angry about being lied to. My internist told me that he was probably worried about me becoming dependent on opiates. I told him that becoming dependent was the least of my worries at my age, being able to function without being in this ungodly pain every day was my main concern. And he agreed with me.

   So, that's were I am tonight. I feel better and I can actually do something without feeling like I will crater at any time. I hope you all have less pain tomorrow.

gentle hugs
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Your rheumatologist is not trained in psychiatry, nor should he be attempting to practice it.  What he did was deceitful and unwarranted.  Anyone in the same situation would be upset and feel betrayed.  

I'm glad to hear your new meds. are working.
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