Moving to a warmer climate?
by Lovebefore, Apr 22, 2011
Has anyone found significant relief by moving to a warmer climate?
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by TheLightSeeker, Apr 22, 2011
Hey Lovebefore.
Welcome to the forum.

I have no personal experience . However I've come across several people that have moved to sunnier, warmer and closer to the ocean. It seems that the negative ions in the air,
the sunshine and the warmer climate make a dynamic healthful trio!
They all seem to feel better. Arthritis, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia sufferers mainly.
Mexico, Texas, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic from what I recall.

While I'm here might as well give you some holistic suggestions. (for some reason I have a few friends that have FMS) Checkout the following: DMSO, Glutathione, MgCl transdermal,
Aloe Polysaccarides-transdermal, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and LDN.
Once you research the above, should you have any questions please message me directly
or post at the alternative therapies community, in this forum.

Hope this helps.
by acker, Apr 26, 2011
i find hotter temperatures uncomfy, as my muscles can heat up way out of proportion to the amount i've used them - but whatever is comfy for you should definitely help.
by ICUStarein, Apr 26, 2011
I'm hoping to move to a warmer climate soon!  
My husband's grandson lives in Las Vegas.  It's AMAZING how well I feel when I'm there!  It's like night and day!  
Everyone has different triggers, but I've found I need a warm, dry climate.  Humidity is like rainy days.  Makes me hurt.  The worst part is the nerve pain.  Muscle pain is easier to deal with.  I wanted to move to Houston because I have a great deal of family there.  But the humidity slows me down.
I would try spending at least a week in other climates, to see how well you cope.  
Good luck!
by teenerss, May 06, 2011
I have fibro and just moved to dallas from california and i have found that im worse since ive been here. not sure if its the stress of moving making my fibro worse of humidity, i didnt know this could happen... its a warm climate thats for sure, i will pay more attention to my pain and climate changes!
by fox24, May 09, 2011
I moved to Florida and actually got really sick THERE. I though maybe just the stress of moving but been sick 2 yrs now and finally got a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and unknown neuro disorder....moved back to NY.  The heat was making me sicker and the dr said it may have caused the Fibro to show itself.
(I have MS, Lupus in my family as well)
by urladybird, May 17, 2011
Hi, I'm in  the UK and moved from London to Bristol a few years back. I have had fibromyalgia for a very long time now but found since living in Bristol (which is near water and has a very high humidity) it has gotten so much worse. Stress from moving definitely hasn't helped as well as other stress.

Going on holiday to a warmer climate has always helped, but I guess part of the parcel is the relaxation you get while on holiday. It is interesting to hear how others react and I would be a little more interested if the humidity has something to do with it...
by Miller2012, Apr 24, 2012
I live in Upstate New York and it's brutal!!!!!!! On top of Fibromyalgia, I have the beginning of RA...I really wish I knew if warmer climate would help because the hubby won't move but I refuse to live off of meds if theres another way.....I'm only 35 for peet sake. Thank you all.