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I am not officially diagnosed but have possible fibromyalgia. Today has been different as I have pain and numbness. It is like everything just feels like pressure. I also have anxiety and thought maybe it could be an episode of depersonalization. I am not really sure but the numbness is freaking me out.
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Hi Amy.

Fibromyalgia often has a mental-emotional component and the question about this is  , which came first the fibro or the symptom.
In other words, if you have anxiety for example, is this part of the FMS presentation, is it perhaps a causative factor or is it on its own?
Tough question to answer, without a complete history and an actual interview, and still...

Suspected fibromyalgia lacks specificity.
There are many conditions that resemble this syndrome and many imbalances that lead to similar symptoms.
On your own you can do some things that will help you
rule out some of these conditions.

First you can rule out most food allergies by doing an elimination diet.
Just look this up.

Second, you can do Dr. Coca's Pulse test, which will indicate allergies, sensitivities and intolerance to anything ingested.

Third, you can try transdermal magnesium chloride treatments-just search for this- and if you feel much better after 4 weeks of every other day treatments, that means that you're correcting a magnesium deficiency.

Do a YouTube search for "Saliva test for Candida", a fungal infection with many unwanted symptoms,which if becomes a serious systemic infection, it can cause some pretty serious health consequences!

This is just the beginning my dear.
And any long journey always starts with a single step.
Let me know how it goes , if you decide for any of the above.
If you need any details or any follow-up advice post again  here, or
send me a message.
We're all here to help and support one another.


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MY daughter was diagnosed with fibromyalgia...she had severe symptoms for many months....Eventually it was proved that  her body was reacting to hidden mould in her loft at home....whilst she was poorly i took her on hol to spain...she made a "miraculous recovery within 48  hrs of being in the sun...when she returned home her health detiorated again...hence the investigation of poisonous mould in her house.
she moved house and im glad to say that she has made a complete recovery.
if you have fibromyalgia symptoms  please check that it isnt a reaction towards undiscovered mould in your home.
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I still have no idea what is wrong with me, I thought I had figured out it was caused by the meds I was on. My pain and stuff cleared up within two days of stopping the medication. So that was it I thought I was done. Two months later the pain and more symptoms come back. I asked the doctor if it could be a more long term or permanent side effect of the medication, and they told me no. So I am still confused, and sick. :-(
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