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Please Help!! Has anyone heard of this??
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Please Help!! Has anyone heard of this??

Hello, I have been tested in the end of January for my annual blood work, and requested to be tested for Lyme Disease. Everything came back in perfect range except for the Lyme Disease. I requested the LD test due to and extensive list of symptoms and I did find a tick on myself when I was maybe 12 years of age, when i went to the doctor then it was negative and the doctor stated there was no bite mark (mind you the tick was in my hairline). When I was tested in the end of January, 2012 the Lyme Disease test came back positive of a 1.49 but both the IgG and the Igm came back negative. I was told I needed to see an Infectious Disease Specialist but was unsuccessful in obtaining one so i went ahead and did extensive research and found other diseases that may make a Lyme result such as mine. I went to my OB/GYN and requested to be tested in the end of April, 2012 for Syphilis, HIV/AIDS, and Herpes as i also do annually. The HIV/AIDS, and the Syphilis came back negative, the Herpes 1 and 2 test came back negative for the IgG, but the Igm Herpes 1 and 2 combitnation came back positive for a 1.34 result. I have been with my husband for over two years and we are faithful. I have finally found a Infectious Disease Specialist after extensive phone calls and dead ends, but my appointment isnt for another several weeks. I was hoping maybe someone had some insight and could make some sense of this. I have never had a blister of any shape or form, I am severely desperate and no one is able to make sense of it and has never heard of this type of situation. My symptoms consist of memory problems, muscle weakness, concentrations problems, constant fatigue, muscle fatigue, speech problem, flesh colored dry patches up both of my arms and under my breast plate, over all cognitive reduction, three new tiny moles the size of a pencil tip brown and flesh color mix, vertigo like symptoms, dizziness, lake of energy, Bipolar symptoms, vibrating sensations through out one part or whole body, heart palpitations, tachycardia, shortness of breath, vision problems (seeing different colored spots red, orange, blue, white, black, green, etc.), over all sensitivity to surroundings, seeing shadows and movement through pereferal vision when nothing is there, numbness and tingling, muscle twitches in face and extremities, shooting pains throughout body and head, neck stiffness, muscle pain, back pain, frequent constipation with lower abdominal pain, and more i cant seem to remember or think.      
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Dont let the positive herpes test frazzle you. 90% of the population will test positive for HSV 1-2. It is transmitted in ways other than sex.
You have ALL THE SYMPTOMS I have with my Lymes disease.
You need to find a Lymes literate doctor. The Lymes Disease Assoc. has a find a dr, section.  The ILADS site is very informative. Watch the movie "Under our skin" .  
Thank You so much, I really appreciate your response. Its so hard, as you would know, just for daily function. I feel so consumed, and I feel i let my husband down because I cant seem to function like a normal person. I sleep nearly 12 hours a day and still feel exhausted. I cant seem to find a doctor to see me especially with my insurance, plus the ones I researched in that site are 5+ hours away from where I am located. Every which way I turn seems to hit a dead end, every doctor I call tells me that they dont take my insurance, or they dont deal with this type of situation, or refer me to someone else which winds up telling me the same thing the previous one told me. Im wondering if I should go to an Emergency Room with my test documents, but I dont know what exactly they would do for me. Thank You again so much. God Bless You and Your Family..
I have the same emotional tug of war you have. For the most part I have learned to be my own best friend. Tell myself what I would tell someone like me. Husbands are someone our sickness affects so greatly.  They need to know your illness is not who you are and you can battle it together.

Register here....

It is stealthily handled when it comes to finding a Lymes dr.  Treatment has become a controversial thing. This is due to insurance, treatment debates, and just plain docs covering their behinds because of the great misunderstanding of the disease by influential people.

Again, watch the movie to better understand what I'm talking about.
Hey Melanie,

The above advice is absolutely golden.
The infectious disease specialist will probably follow protocol dictated
by the governing authority IDSA whose agenda is VERY controversial
in regards to LD treatment. That means that your treatment if and when
it takes place will not be effective. As Phtartist said, do your best to find an LLMD for proper treatment. It is your best chance to get better and reclaim your health and your life.
Hang in there, do some meditation every day, YouTube has many video clips on meditation, take care of your body and mind the best way
possible, using natural ways as much as you can.
Keep us updated and drop in often. We're all here to help one another!

I had gone to the doctor today and he said straight out that I do not have Lyme Disease. He did some pressure point test and diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia.
Niko, spot on!
Melanie, a basic dr. Does not know enough to say flat out that you don't have Lymes. I tested positive for Fibromyalgia by two Reumatologist and two Fibromyalgia Specialists. One is a speaker for NFA.
I had Lymes.  Testing your blood is the only way! Forget this doctor.
My internist told me the other day, there is no such thing as yeast infections! He does not believe in it. I contested his view with facts which he boohoo'd.
Well, he is good with blood pressure problems, Lol
Niko,BTW, just got back from Lyme doc, emergency visit. Another doc told me my Lymes and Babesia was clear from MDL tests in March.
I crashed recently, they are both very active, especially Babesia ie: can't breathe well.
I'm amazingly ok with this.
C'est la vie!
OK. Let's put things in perspective.
Lymes Disease has to be ruled out, only by a Lymes Literate Medical Doctor.
An LLMD is a professional who CARES about his patients, risks his entire career,to ensure that they receive PROPER diagnosis and treatment.

Any other doctors or specialists  who comply with the controversial IDSA
Protocol are doing a huge disservice to the thousands of LD sufferers,
by serving the interests of the BIG PLAYERS who in turn stand to lose millions,
If LD is re- classified as a  Serious Chronic Systemic Infectious Disease!

BIG PLAYERS: U.S Government, Insurance companies, any Large Corporations whose employees, work mainly outdoors.  

Your Doctor, either by ignorance, bias or simply following the IDSA
guidelines to protect his own lucrative career, has broken
the DO NO HARM rule in medicine.
There's no way for your doctor to rule out LD, unless what has been suggested here by myself and Phtartist, was been followed.

With Fibromyalgia the old 11 out of 18 tender points diagnostic criteria
are OUT since 2010. Too controversial! For the new criteria go to:
National Fibromyalgia Association
Wolfe F et al. The American College of Rheumatology preliminary diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia and measurement of symptoms severity. Arthritis Care & Research 2010 May; 62(5): 600

Melanie. You MUST take charge of your health matters. because your doctor will NOT!  There are no guarantees, and doctors take no responsibility for one's life being in Limbo, because of the aforementioned controversial approaches.
I am not suggesting that you do have Lymes, but as it mimics a gazillion
other conditions, it HAS to be ruled out!
Nor am I suggesting that you do not have FMS, but the new dx criteria have to be followed. By the way the majority of FMS patients have underlying undetected infections and co-infections. For more info:
Go to or search medhelp using the search engine provided, and search: Dr. Garth Nicolson, a former medhelp expert contributor
and top expert in this field of medicine (research and treatment).

Phtartist. I facilitated for a young lady, a complete cure of her misdiagnosed
condition, by simply identifying her Candida Overgrowth, which had led to Leaky Gut Syndrome and  Gut dysbiosis, which in turn had caused serious nutritional deficiencies and full blown GAPS with ALL the symptoms imaginable! Her Doctor had never checked for yeast issues as ... you guessed it , does not believe in them!
I have an entire holistic program to Facilitate MS cure that has a  Systemic Candidiasis/Mycotoxin basis, by addressing such imbalances.

The dysfunctional medical model of ours, is in dire need of a complete
overhaul, and this requires everyone's conscious participation.
We are all responsible for its creation (that is no longer serving us well), now we can all be responsible for its re-creation so it can serve us better
and most importantly our children in the future.
So being proactive, outspoken, informed, will make a difference.


Thank you Niko!  I bought The Yeast Connection book and cookbook. I feel better after 4 weeks so far.
Your advice to Melanie was eloquently stated and  very important. I'm glad you are here to better articulate our info. than I can.
I do believe when my tests from MDLab in NJ vame back negative my one Lyme/Neuro doc, had no choice in his eyes to not further treat me. The controversy in treatment you pointed out, is affecting him. My Main Lyme doc doesn't trust any lab but IGENIX and treats according to symptoms! Good for him
my Dr was an infectious disease spechialist I can't find an llmd that's less than 5 hours away that's willing to see me considring my insurance. I was not content with the diagnosis. He told me by just looking at the test I didn't have lyme disease.. for the secton that did come back positive he doesn't even know why they still test for that because it causes more false-positives than anything and the fact that I need at least "one" of the components in the test to be positive to actually have lyme. He did do the pressure point get on me and as soon as I left there I called my mother and husband telling them what had happend and how I wasn't content with the diagnoses and that I wanted a second opinion. It's really hard in Florida with medicaid, I came from ny and I'm really considering moving out of here.
Hang in there Melanie.
5 hours seems like a lot, however, in the grand scheme of things,
it might be worth the trouble, as it would involve only a couple of actual visits
and the rest, could be taken care by telephone consultations/appointments.

Meanwhile, if affordable to you, I would recommend you get in touch with a holistic doctor or  health practitioner, to help you re-balance your immune system. It is the most instrumental aspect of a successful recovery from any condition and illness!

Don't get discouraged, as inner strength, is needed, in order to pursue this
to a positive conclusion.
Keep us posted and wish you the best outcome.
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