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Please help, what is wrong with me.
Hi guys, im trying to find out what may be causing my 2 week symptoms.

Chronic Fatigue, no energy.

Tired no matter how much sleep.

Sensitive to noise and light.

Anxiety, palpitations.

Aching and sensitive bones (not muscles), i cant walk without exhaustion.

Shortness of breath.

Cannot get warm,hands and feet especially freezing.

Night sweats, waking up soaked.

Irritibility and Anger.

Bloating, making me sick for hours.

Excessive unexplained weight gain.

Talking has slowed down, everything slow motion.

Rib cage under breast feels like a rock and feels like its pushing out.

Constant urination, 20 times a day, no infection.

Lump in throat feeling.

So, i feel so sick and am trying my luck here.
My friends on a different part of the forum,.believe i may have an under active thyroid, my doc did 3 thyroid tests this year and their normal, but maybe i need more specific testing.
Any insight would be so much appreciated.
This is not letting up, i am bedridden with 3 children and its been happening every few days for 2 weeks, now for 3 days in a row. Im not getting better. Its not a virus. Thank you.
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