Please help, what job can i do? other questions...
by wantmylifeback72, Dec 28, 2010
     I am hoping you all have suggestions. My last job was a cross between a sales clerk and jewelry repair. I had it for 10 years. Then I got sick and they fired me. My father hired me to do computer work for him at home, but even that has been  a problem because I often nod off staring at the screen. Now, because the real estate market is failing, I have lost that job as well. I probably should have gone on disability when I had 2 docs agreeing it was MG (the kind w/o antibodies), but since then I have received countless diagnosis, and I am afraid it would mean that option is no longer available.  
     My reason for asking on this forum is that fatigue and weakness hold me back more than anything, and I really have no idea what type of job I could possibly do. What do you do? Do you work? Please if anyone has any suggestions at all, I am desperate. we are buying a house and my husband is going to need my salary again. How do you handle telling a prospective employer that you need 2 days off each month for doctors appointments. Do you have to tell them what's wrong?  What if no one will hire me? I need to earn money. I am only 38. can you even get disability with 15 different diagnosis? I am so scared. Thanks for your time and advice.
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