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Tongue spasm
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Tongue spasm

Any idea how to relieve a painful muscle spasm at the base of my tongue?  It's only on the left side.  Better now but lingering and I'm afraid to talk b/c it threatens to start spasming again.
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Does anyone have a suggestion?  This is agonizing.
Hey Buffy,
You must be in real pain there!
Take a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (raw-unfiltered) with some honey
in a glass of warm water. Swish, gargle for a couple minutes and spit out.
Sip the remainder slowly. It will help relax your tongue muscle.
Do also some tapping (EFT). If not familiar do the following:
1. With  your non-dominant hand use the fingertips to tap gently on the
"Carate chop" fleshy part of your other hand-it is the spot  you would use to
do a carate chop located below the base of your pinky, on the side of your hand. As you are tapping, say (silently if you're in pain) :"Even if I have this nasty spasm and agonizing sensation in my tongue, I choose to let go
and accept myself, just the way I am. Repeat 3 times continuously tapping!
2. Using 2-3 finger tips tap between the eye brows  7-8 times saying "this tongue spasm"
3 Repeat the same, tapping on the side of your eye - you will feel a bone very close to the eye, going away from the eye to the side
4. Repeat the same, tapping on the bone directly below the eye
5 Same for the spot between your nose and your upper lip.
6. Same for the spot between your lower lip and your chin
7. Same for the fleshy part on the inside of the colar bone just below the neck line
8. Same for below the armpit about 3" down.

Repeat this sequence tapping all those points and saying-does not have to be aloud- positive and negative statements around your distressful situation at each tapping point.
e,g. This pain in the ****, It can't last forever, I have no part in this,
I forgive myself if I did something wrong, this pain is just a message,
my body knows better than to keep this, etc. Use whatever works for you.
Once you get used to doing it you can go faster and faster.
In between  sequences take deep breaths and make sure you are hydrated.
The above technique helps the flow of energy in your body, opening energy meridians and restoring balance. It works in physical, mental and emotional levels.
Hope you feel better soon!
Chamomile tea is also very soothing and helps relax muscles.
Hey Thanks for the info.  It stopped on it's own after coming/going for a few hours.  Now I'm just left with a heck of a headache.  I'll talk with doc about it.  Seems to fit with glossopharyngeal neuralgia (big maybe).

I will try this if it happens again.  Yes, the pain was extreme to put it lightly.

Thanks again.
I'm glad your "maybe" GPN is gone. Hopefully for good!
You may still want to try EFT for your headache and anything else.
I use it daily just for maintenance purposes, even if I have no real issues with
anything anymore.
Take care,
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