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Treating you adrenals helped your CFS or ADD?
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Treating you adrenals helped your CFS or ADD?

Hello everyone.  I've been reading from alternative doctors that underneath CFS and ADD is an adrenal problem.  Has anyone here with either condition treated their adrenals, and if so, what was the outcome, how do you feel and in what ways do you feel better if you do?  Also, what exactly was your adrenal treatment?

Thank you.
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My doctors thought that my adrenal glands were failing me at one time. I went to see an Endocrinologist and had and ACTH Stim test. It came back normal.

I went to see a holistic doctor and he performed an adrenal saliva test on me- one you offer samples throughout the day, so they can check your levels throughout the day (those are never covered by insurance). That test came back abnormal, I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and was prescribed medication through a compound pharmacy. At the time I just couldn't afford all of the medications I was on, so I opted out of it. I just have a feeling that anyone who is under stress and drinks too much coffee would have Adrenal Fatigue, but that's just my opinion.

What are your symptoms and what have you been diagnosed with?

Hello dusty.

I have ADD or ADHD, Dyslexia, and Cerebellar-Vistibular Dysfunction.  
A mental condition that's in remission for months so far.  
Doctors have suggested CFS a few times.
I had bad cortisol level test when a teen and a hair analysis showed adrenal problems.
I'm still wondering about my thyroid.

Here are my symptoms:

Plus my stamina is pretty poor.  I can't run or jog steadily except in-place, I just don't have the strength to do it.  Even biking up an incline is killer.  And I'm only 27 and it's been like this for years.
hi again! i left this link at thyroid forum:
www.adhd. com. au/Intestinal_Dysbiosis. htm

i didn't know about cfs and adhd being in the same room together. i think there are different types of fatigue but that the adrenal function is common to many of them.

dr diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue, then hyperthyroidism - so i have every reason to believe they're linked.

i got 'treated' with: magnesium, vit c, CoQ10, high protein diet. no coffee or caffeine. that's for adrenal stuff.

had a serious detox program
then discovered the thyroid problem. medication for that and number of dietary amendments.

then discovered leaky gut problems - which explained why the detox program wasn't as effective as hoped.

now on a high lentil diet with light antibiotics to balance gut flora.

oh! above all: remove yourself from stressful situations. eg hopefully you enjoy your job and if you don't, do something else! etc

you said in your other post that your dr said you had the cortisol of an 80 year old and that you had a lot of family stress and feel you never quite recovered. probably true. follow your instincts
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