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What kind of doctor

For the past couple of years I have been having chronic pain in my upper back or shoulder blade area. Now for the past 6 months I have pain from my left hip that radiates  down to my foot. These are not sharp pains, just achy all day long pains. I am thinking that I may have fibro. I do suffer from arthritis, and have had knee replacement already, but this pain is different. It seems to be all over in different areas of my body, not the joints. My question is, what kind of doctor do I see to get a diagnosis? My primary care doctor seems to just brush my symptoms off, and blames it on my weight or arthritis. But I know something else is going on. Thank you for any advise you can give me.
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Hey twinbee,

If I would have only one choice for a suggestion to you, it would be to consult with:
Dr. Patricia Gadesaud, MD
1 Robbins Parkway, Ste 105, Toms River, NJ
Beachwood, NJ 08722
T: 732 773 8878

Just do a search, and should you be interested, you may consider a phone consultation
first and take it from there.

I hope the FM/CFS community moderators continue to grant some latitude, as this is
very helpful in exchanging and sharing info-that in  most other parts of the forum would not be allowed-as the issues of the members here, are usually severe, and basically with no "medical" cure available from conventional doctors. Only pain management.
So, we all appreciate your understanding and letting us exchange more freely.
Blessings to all
Unfortunately, there are still medical doctors that don't believe fibromyalgia is a real sickness. I use to think so too until I was diagnosed last September. There are two kinds of doctors that you might benefit from that can diagnose fibromyalgia- either an Internal Medicine doctor or a Rhumetologist(sp). Usually there are trigger points and a list of symptoms- most doctors say a person needs to have at least 9 of the 15 symptoms to make a fibromyalgia diagnosis
Hey JDS2805

Please read my reply to: Why are there so many doctors who do not beleive in fibromyalgia?
This was earlier this month. The diagnosis you are suggesting is being scrapped.
There are some serious issues with the 11 minimum out of 18 tender points testing.
I have experienced this test and I KNEW! the rheumy was absolutely unsure of the result.
The pressure to be applied is to be at 5 Lbs per point with a 1.5 second pain reactivity.
My wife you does not have Fibro, however, she would test positive for it, as she's so sensitive to pressure, all over her body.
If you have the slightest doubt, please consider going to a leading specialist in your area,
as long as it is affordable.
Please do not accept easily doctors opinions, as this is a huge challenge for them as well,
for dx and treatment. Fibromyalgia is not one specific disease!
It is a combination of serious and varying symptoms, from a long list of symptoms.
That is why it is classified as a syndrome.
Make sure you look into pathogenic mycoplasma infections as well.
99% of fibro cases have this as an infection or co-infection.
Take care.
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