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chest pain and palpitations from fibromyalgia?
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chest pain and palpitations from fibromyalgia?

chest pain and palpitations from fibromyalgia?
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Have you started taking any new meds for allergies or pain meds or neuro meds that are actually for seizures normally?  Sometimes drugs in these classes are stimulating and can therefore cause heart palpitations or anxiety in some people.  
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Yes, it's called 'chest wall pain'. quote: "Pain in the chest wall is reported in one-third of persons with FMS...especially true in young to middle-age females" from 'The Fibromyalgia Help Book' by Dr's J.Fransen and J.Russell. This pain does not necessarily equate to heart disease.
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Hey kumquatmay!  What a lovely choice for a name.
It brings me back  fond memories (the kumquat fruit)!
Welcome to the forum.

The short answer is yes, very probable!

1. Do a search for a fibro tender point chart and you will find 2 tender points on the upper chest area 1 on the left and 1 on the right side.

2.Fibro sufferers usually have lower blood volume (up to 50% less in extreme cases) for the body to function properly. A red cell mass study, is required to find out the exact levels. This can be associated with chest pains.
Normal is 30 ml/kg Red cell volume in ml per kilogram of body weight.
Any lower than 20% is significant and should be addressed immediately!
A pint of blood lost in an accident or injury, constitutes a medical emergency, right?
You may try to get your doctor* to have this specifically checked .
Read on, in the last paragraph, I explain it.
No other test will reveal anything clinically significant.

3.All Fibro patients have an irregular heart beat, with a particular abnormal wave pattern on the ECG (24H Holter ECG is needed for this), indicating that the blood upflow from the left ventricle through the aorta is impaired, often with physical scars and some damage to the heart muscle. The clinician has to look for T-wave abnormal patterns. Instead of peaks they go into valleys and inversions.  
So the tests show that 100% of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia have an  irregular heartbeat. That does not mean that all palpitations are associated with arrhythmias.
In your situation, because of your dx with FMS, it is most likely the case.
If you experience shortness of breath, chest pain, unusual sweating, dizziness, or lightheadedness, you should call your Dr. or 911 !

So yes your chest pains are possibly due to Fibromyalgia (or it's real underlying Alias)  

4. For general fatigue, muscular and joint pain.
Have a urine test for tartaric acid. Chances are they're high. Tartaric acid is a toxin and a malic acid antagonist causing metabolic disruption, cellular damage leading to fatigue and pain.
Malic acid is a very important substance for metabolism (Krep's cycle).
To correct this you may look into cutting down drastically on carbs
( tartaric acid feeds off yeast metabolites, whose main nutrition is carbs!)

To restore malic acid levels, you may consider taking organic unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar- a great source of malic acid- 1T before meals.

*The above information is not mainstream at all and most  medical doctors won't have a clue what you're talking about. You must be careful, when mentioning these things to your treating doctor, as it may create some controversy.
Dr. Garth Nicolson is the world's top expert in this field of difficult to detect
underlying pathogenic infectious conditions, linked to CFS, FMS and other
diseases. This may hold the key, not only to unlock the mystery and complexity, surrounding this syndrome, but treating it effectively as well.
Just do a search here, under his name.
He's a regular contributor here in medhelp, offering his expert opinion.

This is not to intended as a substitute for medical advice..

Hope this helps.
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I'm always amazed at your knowledge.  Thanks for sharing. :)
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Kara, you are always so kind.
I wish I could offer more, but the most critical factor in wellness is
the "Self". Our Thoughts, Attitude, Soul and Spirit in conjuction with our "Inner Healer" can truly reverse ANY Disease.
The information I offer here is merely to help rebalance our bodies, however,
the rest is up to powers and abilities we already poccess.

I have facilitated healing for many people with my Holistic and Spiritual Psychotherapy work, which helps eliminate deeply rooted "obstacles"and engage those inner mechanisms, responsible for restoring our health and wellness.

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