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chronic sore throat with fibro
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chronic sore throat with fibro

just found out i might have fibro, started savella on improvement yet.

anyway this sore throat is starting to drive me crazy - it started in may and won't go away! i've tried all the usual stuff, lozanges, hot tea with honey, salt water gargle... it's funny that the least debilitating of my symptoms is the one making me the most crazy.

does anyone else have this symptom? if so, how do you find relief? just looking for new ideas i guess. i'd like to be able to swallow without wincing.

thank you in advance.
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Hey mhop111.
It seems that this is another- kind of- common symptom with fibro.

Have you considered to have it checked though, like have a throat swab sample
taken to be tested?

For infections, colds and flu ,sore throat, skin health, cardiovascular and pulmonary health and more:
Magnesium chloride 1/4 teaspoon in one glass of filtered water, drink 3
times daily (total 3 glasses). Relief in 24-48 hours. Cut in half for children.
This must be food grade powder MgCl.

  Or transdermally with absolutely no gastro-intestinal issues.
Very fundamental remedy with many applications.
Make Magnesium Chloride Oil : Mix boiling filtered or distilled water with Magnesium Chloride flakes* 60-40 or 50-50 ratio.
Wait till cool and transfer to spray bottle. Spray body liberally and massage Mg "oil"
( it has a smooth greasy feel) until absorbed well.
Wait 30 minutes before bathing or showering.
Repeat daily for therapeutic purposes and every other day for maintenance.
(Mg is necessary in almost 400 biochemical processes in the human body!)
*Purchase  MgCl flakes from health food store,  or online distributor.

From a Med Practitioner (he's French- pls bear with any errors) and has many years of experience in this area and has treated thousands:
e-mailed to me:
" About using magnesium chloride ,I would like to specify the protocol:
It very easy to use it it's a powder (use only the powder) ,you put 20 gramme in a liter of water .no need to put in the freedge.
the protocol is the following:
1glass (125cc.) every 3 hours    : 2 times
after that:
1 glass every 6 hours :  during 48 hours
after that:
1glass before going to sleep during on week.
the alone side effect that can happen sometimes, is a little diarrhea ,which is not armfull."

Energy Medicine (Energy Psychology) and Hypnotherapy,
have shown good results with fibro. Just do a search.
I would caution people to book a set of 6-12 sessions, as 1 or 2 are not enough
other than single symptom percentage relief. Just make sure the practitioner/therapist has an excellent reputation.
Should you have any questions at all on the above, post again here or message me.
(I''m on a Whole Vacation from this Wed. on, for 4 weeks- no emails,
  no internet and going far away!)
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had the swab, finished two sets of antibiotics in june - it was actually one of the first persistent symptoms that eventually led to the fibro dx.

thanks for all this info! i will def try, the side effects don't sound too "armfull"
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I do suffer quite often from a chronic sore throat, however, I also have lupus as well as the fibro, so I'm never really quite sure which is causing the throat issue.  Have you been tested for lupus or other auto immune diseases?  If you haven't, you may want to ask your doctor about checking you for at least lupus to see if you have that going on as well.  

About the best things I can suggest is drink plenty of fluids - make sure your mouth and throat are not getting dry; suck on sugar free hard candy or chew gum - also to help keep your throat moist.  also make sure the air in your home is not too dry - the drier the air, the drier our air passeges (including the throat) can get -which can irritate the throat and make it hurt worse.

I agree - it's VERY annoying!!  I hope you find that the Savella helps!
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I forgot to add that also sucking on things like ice pops, popsicles or even just plain ice cubes might help.  I, personally, find that cold things make my throat feel better than hot things do.
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