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diet and getting back on feet
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diet and getting back on feet

my fiance has been diagnosed with fibro for the last year, in a LOT of pain each day and severe social anxiety and depression which he is getting therapy for.he has very little energy and i was just wandering about diet tips that could help him get more energy and bk on his feet and as comfortable as he can be

i would really appreciate any advice, thank you
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Hi, i went through same thing.  eliminate milk and ALL yeast products, lower Vitamin D dosage.  It is believed by a VERY prominant researcher on medhelp (he has written world renown citation papers, over 300 peer reviewed and accepted papers, etc), that Fibro is 99% caused by Infectious Mycoplasma bacteria.  The problem with the bacteria is it can create fungal infections AS WELL as the bacterial.  Breads and Yeasts just add to the fungal problem, have him research and look at the AI disease section and look at treatment reccomendations.  This can be addressed by ABX and possibly cured.  The researchers name is Prof Dr Garth Nicolson formerly of the Anderson Cancer Research Center at Ft Mead, Texas.  he has won numerous awards for working with and discovering and treating GWI/CFS in soldiers coming back from the Middle East.

  As far as energy is concerned, have him look into NT FACTOR which is a product that repairs the cell mitochondria and lipids.  I have used this and it has made a tremendous impact.  give it a week or 2 to start working, then you will notice a difference w/ the fatigue.  let me know if this makes sense.
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Hey haylesd.
Welcome to the forum!

The Candida diet is probably a very wise way to go about it. Just search it.
One exceptional single ingredient food item for this is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO).
It is anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic. It is the only type of oil
that does not get stored as fat- It is used directly as energy just like a carb but
without the carb implications.
It does not produce free radicals when used in cooking-unlike ALL other cooking oils with the exception of palm kernel oil- therefore no inflammation!
I own a local wellness and holistic co-op club and almost all members purchase EVCO,
with very good results. Some members have FMS, CFS and other similar conditions.
For more info go to the coconut research center website.
Also, check my reply to emancairo  on June 26 for other pertinent info on FMS.
Great information given by ewford.
Blessings to both of you.
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