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fibro n pregnancy
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fibro n pregnancy

I have had fibro for about 3 years now and had been managing the pain with medications (tramadol every day and with vicodin on worse days) they made it so I could still manage living. I am pregnant now and finally weaned off the tramadol and the drs I am seeing dont know what to do with me anymore. I can barely get out of bed anymore let alone make it through a work day. I understand that they don't know what to give me anymore because of the baby and its health, but I'm just frustrated of barely being able to do anything from the pain. Trying massage and tens unit now, but nothing helps. Any ideas?
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It must be a very difficult position for you but congrats for the baby. look for a non narcotic for the next nine months.Maybe you might be able to get some sick leave. Try some meditation too i know it sounds hooky but it can help  good luck maybe a new doc? i will put you in my prayers
I suppose if you were already to the point of needing vicodin sometimes that darvocet doesn't work for you?   Or, did they have a problem with darvocet a while back--was that permanent or a temporary problem?    I thought I was done having kids with my 8th baby at 36 years old, and I started in with daily headaches a few months after she was born that could not be controlled with over the counter meds, so I was put on darvocet--which did wonders for me--but the fibro was only just starting to set in.  At one time I was able to take a darvocet and an excedrine and I was good for the rest of the day.  The day before I turned 40, I learned we were getting a "bonus" little one----I swear I don't know where or HOW she came.

I'm not sure what amount of darvocet I was taking at that time, but I did try to go off of it when I found out I was pregnant.  I slept on the couch for a month because I could situate my neck and back better to hopefully avoid the daily headaches I would wake up with----I was only able to make it for a month----so I took darvocet probably every day for almost my entire pregnancy.  The benefits outweighed the risks---being pregnant at 40, with 8 other children was hard enough---I could not deal with severe headaches, also.

I felt a little better when a friend of mine told me that she also had to take darvocet all through her pregnancy.  Both of us gave birth to normal children----actually, my daughter had some problems, but they had nothing to do with the darvocet---she was supposed to be my 4th v-bac after having 2 c-sections---and my uterus was shot---and she had severe reflux---which took awhile to figure out.  BUT, I honestly do not feel like the darvocet had anything to do with her health issues.

  She was failure -to-thrive for two years---but when we would manage to fix one problem that was causing it, another one would start,  we'd figure it out, and then she would get another problem.  But, i want to emphasize again, I would not have been able to take care of family if I had not been able to take a pain killer, and I absolutely do not feel like the darvocet had anything to do with her medical issues---it couldn't wrap a cord around her neck 3 times, it can't cause her to have a hiatal hernia that reguires surgery.

It can't give her esophageal thrush and make her not want to eat, and it can't cause her tonsil and adenoids (adenoids) to enlarge to the point that she developed sleep apnea and it can't cause an inguinal hernia---besides  I had already had 4 other children with inguinal hernias, and I had a hiatal hernia of my own---from carrying twins.

My friends baby did not have any issues at all---it was just the luck of the draw and genetics, I think.

I guess what I am trying to tell you, is that every medication is given a category, and I believe that vicodin is category  C, which means they don't know if it causes any problems with a pregnancy----they can't prove that it does or it doesn't.  You may need to check about the category for sure, but you have got to be able to function, and quite often we have to decide that the benefits outweigh the possible risks.

If you are already past the first trimester, it is all the better if you need to take pain medication.

i took antidepressants through two or three of my pregnancies---with no harm to my babies.  I also was given xanax the last month of one pregnancy because we were afraid my husband might have cancer and he required surgery---but I never needed to take it--just knowing it was there "just in case"  was enough to help me.

Meditation is a really good Idea, and so is yoga or tai chi.  Heating pads do wonders on my neck and knees,  a warm bath (not hot while your pregnant) with epsom salts can help.  A good way to know if the bath is too hot is to take your tempurature--and if it goes up a degree, you probably need to get out.

Biofreeze, which I get from my orthopedic surgeon, helps alot, too for aching muscles.

I know this was long---I was trying to tell you every thing I could think of.    I'm to the point that I am allowed 5 norco a day and 4 soma a day---but my baby is 8 1/2 years old now---so time has gone on----I also think that my fibromyalgia is a symptom of something else, and I am working on balancing my endocrine system and raising my thyroid with natural NP thyroid---according to symptoms---not according to blood tests.

Blood work showed I am not at optimal levels of a number of nutrients and I do not make enough cortisol---pituitary problem, or something.  My DHEA was down to less than 10---should be 280.

I really feel for you---I wish I could do something more for you than throw out a bunch of ideas---that may not even be options--but they are still things to consider.

good luck, let us know how you are doing. When is the baby due?
Hey missfall!
Great news for you and your baby!
There are a ton of things you can do outside meds.
Hypnotherapy is the ULTIMATE one.
I'm board certified for this and so is my daughter- wellness and therapy runs in families- and she just finished her "Hypno-Birthing" course. You should look into this, as you can deliver a potentially healthier baby, without the agonizing labor pains and the unnecessary suffering for either one!  It is becoming popular.  Just do a search.
If it checks out to your satisfaction, you can hook up  in your area with a certified therapist for fibro management combo, as most of the hypno-birthing practitioners are usually qualified hypnotherapists.
The costs are not very high, as you will learn to do your own self-hypnosis.
You may feel a bit apprehensive at first, however, take it from me, as I have nothing to gain, this works well, there are NO side effects and it is simpler than what most people think.

Of course there are other natural approaches. You may search for previous posts of mine here, as everything I recommend is natural and non-invasive.

If you have any questions or comments, please post again or pm me directly.
I wish you well with your pregnancy!
Thank you all of you for your suggestions!  I am 15 weeks right now n the baby is due 12/10/12.  The only non narcotic they say I can have is tylenol which doesn't do anything. I have never tried darvocet n will definitely look into that. I'm just so frustrated , and tired of hurting.:(
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