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fibromayalgia , fluoxetine and amitryptaline
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fibromayalgia , fluoxetine and amitryptaline

I'm 35 yrs old physician, used to be very active and energetic, a mother of three, after an attack of swine flu 7 months ago, I've started to experience what was diagnosed later as fibromayalgia/cfs, it started with bladder irritability, IBD, mayalgia, artharalgia, severe fatigue , lack of concentration and unrefreshing sleep then it proceeded to be severe spastic muscle pain, morning somnolence and stiffness , I  was diagnosed fibro by my rheumatologist 5 months ago who prescribed lyrica 50mg twice daily , it failed to achieve any relief and so, after some research I shifted to amitryptaline and fluoxetine  , I'm inquiring about the suggested dose for both and the regimen to follow and for how long. thank you for concideration
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Hello! I am new to this forum as well. I hope you will find it as helpful and comforting as I do. I take amitryptaline at a dose of 25 mg per night and have found it to work very well for sleep. I found that taking a higher dose caused me to be groggy the next day, so I stay at 25. I know a lady who takes 50 mg per night with no noticeable side effects. I hope this helps! Take Care
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Hey Eman,
Welcome to the forum.

With your symptomology, Mycoplasma co-infection is very suspect!
Doxycycline may reverse the disease process, however, it is bacteriostatic
and not bacteriocidal, so as it stops the Pathogenic Mycoplasma from growing, it is up to the immune system to locate the Mycoplasma and destroy it. Only a very strong immune system is capable of such a task. So should your immune system be compromised and weakened, my suggestion is to take drastic measures to strengthen it.

There's a immune system remedy called 714X, manufactured in Canada by Cerbe International ( Gaston Naessens-Master Biologist- invented it )and available to patients suffering from serious diseases (Cancer or other) in Canada under special application through their Doctors to Health Canada.
Outside Canada is  up to the health authorities of each country to impose any rules as this is not a Pharmaceutical Licenced or Patented Drug.
714X consists of an isotonic solution at physiological pH (7) containing camphor, or a nitrogenated derivative of camphor, at a level of 0.09 mg/ml complying with pharmaceutical grade injectable solutions. Please do research this information, as it is a significant
remedy, lacking the criteria for profitability, so in other words it will never receive "official"
Pharmaceutical status and become an approved drug.

The other possibility that comes to mind for boosting the  Immune system and dealing with such issues more effectively is Low Dose Naltrexone.
It has been found that a low oral dose of the opioid antagonist naltrexone, when taken at bedtime, led to a doubling or tripling of low levels of circulating beta-endorphin. Many MS,FMS,CFS and other autoimmune disease sufferers have benefited greatly from using LDN. Again please do research this option as it offers a lot of promise as a stand alone treatment as well. In case of a mycoplasma co-infection, it may offer  symptom relief while
waiting for the specialized tests to verify the presence of pathogenic mycoplasmas.
"Polymerase Chain Reaction Test" seems to be the ultimate test for that.

  As most Doctors are not very familiar with  FMS, CFS, Pathogenic Mycoplasmas and the associated tests, patients find that some Doctors downgrade and belittle their disease!  

I'm presently researching the effects of Colloidal Silver on Pathogenic Mycoplasmas/
  Stealth Pathogens. There are a lot of positive findings!
( Cell Wall Deficient Forms: Stealth Pathogens, Lida H Mattman, PhD - Professor Lida H. Mattman 1998 Nobel prize in Medicine).

A very interesting article is from Leslie Taylor, ND on this subject. She offers a reasonably well presented analysis and some proposed treatments , including a supplement protocol
to restore the compromised intestinal flora from the effects of the antibiotics.

  The cure is close! I can almost feel it in my gut.
However, the following quote, shows one of the possible obstacles:
"It is difficult to get a man to understand something,
  if his salary depends on not understanding it"
  Upton Sinclair

Please do diligent research on this area of medicine. There are many variables and therefore many different possibilities for approaching  these complex conditions.
  And it is much bigger and more widespread than what most Medical Doctors and Medical Authorities know or "choose" to know!
Should you have any questions, please post again.

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Niko is right!  Since you are a Dr, contact or research and research infectious mycoplasmas causing CFS, GWI, Fibro.  Dr Garth Nicolson is THE expert on AI-like diseases that have no known etiology.  He talked to me and pointed me in the right direction when every phys told me my infection was in my head.  Mycoplama Fermentans-Incognitus/Borrelia Burgdeferi and bartonella & Babesia.
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