fibromyalgia & shingles?? how do i manage the pain
by jenna_me303, Mar 17, 2012
So apparently i'v got a severe case of shingles that are internal so by the time i know it i'v got large absesses of infection that put me in the hospital regularly for months & cause the fibromyalgia pain to worsen most times permanently & my doctors barely pay attention to anything i'v said about how this is impacting my whole life i'v lost my job i barely have the energy sometimes to leave my room i take gabapention for both conditions but i'v got a 3 year old daughter to take care of on my own this is no way to live for eather of us how do i get the help i need so i can be the mama my baby deserves???
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by FurballsMom, Mar 18, 2012
How much Gabapentin are you taking?  If it's a relatively low dose, a higher dose can help.  If you're taking some dosage already higher than 3,000 mg, though, you better not do that.  It's the higher doses that are dangerous.  Plus, even the low doses tend to make a person sleepy.  That's the last thing you want with an energetic three year old to take care of.
by TheLightSeeker, Mar 18, 2012
Hey jenna,
Welcome to the forum.
Oh my. you sure have a lot on your plate!
My advice to you is to seek a reputable Hypnotherapist in Denver.
The first session is free. Discuss the possibility for a comprehensive
Fibro program, including Pain  and Fatigue Management, Sleep quality improvement, Emotional re-balancing, as well as Shingles symptoms relief .
You will learn to do self-hypnosis, as part of your daily routine.
About 10-12 sessions spread over 3 months and a booster session every 6 months should be adequate for your needs at a cost of $1000-$2000.
From my own experience and any studies I have seen in the past, the results are superior to what is offered by conventional medicine (which in my opinion is unacceptable-specially the way patients are treated).
If you need more info let me know.
Wishing you well.
by PhoenixRizing, Mar 19, 2012
I feel for you. I've had Fibro for 10 years now, and I've gone a few rounds with more than a few doctors who refuse to listen to me. I actually had one tell me that the chronic pain and fatigue was in my head. If your doctor isn't listening CHANGE DOCTORS! Unfortunately, there are many doctors who believe that Fibro is a psychological disorder. Ha! If only they could spend a day in my body!  

I ended up seeing a PAIN SPECIALIST / NEUROLOGIST. I strongly advise you to call any doctors in your area that specialize in pain and ask them if they treat fibro patients. Make appts with a few and pick one you like. Don't let anyone dismiss or ignore you.

And it will get better. I, too, am a Mom. I have 3 kids. I was bedridden with exhaustion and chronic nerve pain the year my son started school. Then I found a doctor that would listen. He tried several meds with me until I was comfortable. Hang in there! You can do this.

It's really interesting to me that you mentioned shingles. My neuro-muscular pain was set off by the same. As you know, after the chicken pox the herpes virus hangs out in the ganglionic neurons. Later in life they come back for round 2 and u get the shingles.

Approximately 1/3 of those who have shingles will experience nuerological pain for up to a year after the rash subsides. And a rare few end up dealing with it for years (lucky me!) I really think this is what triggered my fibro.