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help please

Hi there,
The medication that has been prescribed me for my anxiety is working namely Lexapro, as far as freaking out about the pain is concerned. So I am saying I have not had any anxiety attacks since I have been on Lexapro. Endep has been prescribed to me for pain and lack of Sleep, and  is helping to an extent, at least I can sleep at night now, but he pain is still there all day every day.
I have been going for deep tissue messages for the past two weeks, which helps a little, But the lady that I go to, has said she can’t believe how inflamed and crunchy, my left side of my body is. I obviously have explained to her all my symptoms, a few of the things she has told me is as follows and it is just her thoughts:
1) She said that my intercostal muscles in between my rib cage only on my left side are very inflamed, and could cause the pain I am in and it could refer  the pain around my left shoulder blade area.
2) She just said it maybe things like Costocondritis or Tietze syndrome.
3) Cyriax syndrome (again it is only her suggestions)
4) Left arm muscles are considerably tighter than right side.
5) It’s the same for my left leg from my hip down to my foot, but she said actually my right hip area is more inflamed than my left hip area, but its not painful like my left hip. Maybe it’s from over compensation.
6) And regarding that radiating pain from my skull of my neck to my left shoulder blade area, is also inflamed, and it is sore when she tries to message/ manipulate.
7) She also suggested maybe Fibromyalgia, but she said Fibromyalgia is normally the whole body.
8) She also said my jaw muscles are also very inflamed, my jaws do hurt, I get that same sharp radiating pain that shoots up my face from my neck. I do grind my teeth when I sleep.
9) I also get this pressure behind my left eye.
10) I must also let you know that my left testicle also throbs with pain, and I am not sure if it is just part of all my left sided pain.
11) I have been trying to get information about all my pain I am in, from the internet, things like sciatica come up with similar pain I have in my left leg
12) Could it be Spondylitis, my x-rays say cervical spondylitis with possible left c5 nerve irritation. Left sided facet joint arthrosis at c4 to c6 levels. The Doctors I’ve been to just seem to ignore it.
13) I have also had a MRI for MS, but it came back negative, my doctor still believes it is MS. I don’t know any more, what to do.
Please help me.

Many thanks
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Are you still having mysterious symptoms without a diagnosis?  If so, check out Dr. Peter Mayne's website. He's in Laurieton, NSW and has been studying Lyme Disease /Borreliosis in Australia.  I got it in Queensland myself.
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