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hip and groin pain and also back pain
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hip and groin pain and also back pain

Hi, I have been having symptoms for the last month and a half and they seem to be getting worse.  I have
hip pain with shooting pains groin pains with shooting pains and a bad backache moreso on the left side.  Years
ago I was diagnosed with Fibro, but for about 30 years not much going on then I got a real bad virus along with some
tradgedy and had a bad headache for 3 months with shooting pains off the top of my head.  After an MRI which
showed nothing I was put on Lyrica and the headaches disapatedl.  This time it started in my lower back and
went to my hips.  It is really sore when I press in on them at the joint where I walk and I get groin pains, then I
get a backache.  I also have loss of appetite as I worry it is something else.  I have an appointment with Gyn
next Thursday.  but I had a pelvic and pap smear in August and everything was fine.  Private doctor diagnosed me
with arthritis but the anti-inflammatory pill is not helping that much.  Put me back on Lyrica and have been on it
a week now with no results.  Has anyone out there ever had this type of pain with Fibro?????
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Hello stellamae80,
I remember talking to you before a little while back. I am sorry to hear you are still struggling with your pain. It usually takes a little while for Lyrica to build up in your system before it starts attacking the nerve pain (including headaches)- I would give it at least a month before throwing in the towel. Can I ask what dose of Lyrica your doctor has placed you on? And are you still taking the anti-inflammatory pill for the arthritis?

I have also have facet osteoarthritis in my lumbar spine and sciatica. I have taken Lyrica before and it works fairly well (plus it can help to stimulate your appetite), but you have to be at the right dosage. In drug trials the lowest effective dosage for people with Fibromyalgia was 150mg. Also, I take an anti-inflammatory for my arthritis too called Voltaren that works very well for me. Let me know what your thought are and keep us updated on your Gyne appt.
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