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how does this all add up?
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how does this all add up?

I am a 24 year old female, normal weight (though with some fluctuations, thank you  antidepressants-ugh.) the normal aches and tiredness of Fibro/possibly CFS? plus the irritable bowel. These are my ongoing conditions. Generally, I can muster the energy to exercise every day without it exacerbating symptoms. not these past two weeks. started last week with a serious lack of energy. have had a low grade 99s fever as well. but the fatigue was so much worse than normal. Although this week was a little better, I'm still..low on fuel ;) this past Thursday, I thankfully had a doctors appointment, but I had terrible cramps in my stomach that would radiate all over my torso. that got better by Friday. then Saturday (yesterday 5/21) my appetite was way down. a couple bouts of nausea.
And then I was hit by terrible chest pain, and my heart rate shot up, and I was really extremely faint. my mom took me into the urgent care, they did an ekg which looked fine, but they noticed my oxygen levels dropped to about 80% for a few minutes which looked very odd to the doctor. They did some blood tests and called for an ambulance. In the ambulance and ER they gave me aspirin, did more ekgs, took a chest X-ray, gave IV fluids, an anti nausea medicine, more blood tests, and well everything came back normal, and I started to feel a little better, albeit sleeping from anti nausea meds, so they discharged me. but the pain has returned now a couple hours later. I did look up the pain and it seems to be benign chest wall pain. good that it is benign, but I did get a few of the urgent care test results back. My sed rates were elevated. My neutrophil and leukocyte counts were off. protein level was slightly high. slight anemia.
I'm basically..extremely confused. I can't quite fit these puzzle pieces together.
there've also been a few days this month that I felt like I had a UTI, but the test strips (and doctors testcame back negative. In the past I've had a few strange symptoms with UTIs so had it been positive this may not have been such a surprise (freshman year college, movie theater, had sudden shooting pains in my inner left foot, and then I really did faint..friend found me just outside auditorium door, went to the hospital, and all they could find was the infection. so weird.)
does this ring any bells with anyone? any similar incidents? the ER docs came up with nothing, but something was out of whack with my CBC and those other blood tests, and something cause my oxygen levels to drop..they just don't know what..
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Hey pebble1987.
I'm glad you took this step to post here.

My daughter is the same age as you. She's been through a lot too, and presently experiencing a remarkable recovery. (Gut Dysbiosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Candida Albicans, chronic fatigue, stress and depression). So hang in there.

It all starts in the gut. Do not concern yourself with all the testing and medical jargon.
There are 3 principle health rules.
1. Nourish your body well. (This rule assumes your body is absorbing and assimilating
the nutrients)
2. Use your body efficiently. ( Plenty of activity and PROPER breathing)
3. Do not stress. (Control and manage your stress and emotions)

-- Look into The Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS). You may benefit from following the GAPS diet.
--Your O2 saturation fluctuating levels are of concern (not critical yet). You may want to get
an oximeter, to do get your own -frequent- readings.
--Practice deep conscious breathing (pranayama)
--Checkout the numerous healing benefits of coconut oil:
-- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has been a Life Saver for my daughter. (Gut Dysbiosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Candida Albicans, chronic fatigue, stress and depression)
-- Sounds like you are Mg deficient (actually over 80% of people are). Magnesium is involved in over 300 processes, including musclular system, nervous system and heart rhythm regulation. Look into transdermal MgCl for best type and delivery method.
--Most likely your Glutathione GSH levels are off too. Look into  certified UNDENATURED
whey protein powder for probably the best supplement to boost your body's Glutathione production. Glutathione is the body's master anti-oxidant and predictor of Longevity and Health)
--Check my recent posts here, regarding the JNK gene and its implications in autoimmune and chronic diseases. There are many drugs and other factors that cause  the JNK gene to get over active.
Chronic over-activation will cause serious disease!

Please do careful research on the above, ask me any questions-as I am quite familiar with
all this- and check with your health care professional to verify this information,before making any decisions regarding your health.
Please post at the Alternative Therapies (within this forum) or message me directly as
my advice is 100% Holistic (forum rules).
Stay strong and focused toward your healing. It may take some time and sacrifice but is very do-able! You deserve a better and healthier life.
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Im new & was just reading through some posts when your mention of UTIs with clean tests caught my eye. I have fibro, but also IC, or Intersticial Cystitis, plus some other medical issues thrown in. Please look up IC as it presents itself with the same symptoms & pain as a UTI. You may find relief with some prescription meds on the market that work MUCH better than Azo, Urelle being the one I take. Hopefully youll find what works best for you! And TY Nikodicreta for the suggestions above! Im definitely going to look into the MG supp!
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