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lipo/plastic surgery and fibro
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lipo/plastic surgery and fibro

Can plastic surgery and lipo "bring" on fibro?  I was diagnosed about a year after surgery and jut realized that maybe there was a connection?????? My pain though isn't just where the lipo was performed, it's all over.....
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Hey missycinnamon. Welcome to the forum.

Plastic surgery and lipo at first, seem to have no direct connection to fibro.
However, there's enough evidence to suggest that they either one of these or both of these procedures may be indirectly linked to fibromyalgia and here's how it might have played out.
Please stay with me on this for a while, to understand the connection.

1.Low grade Pathogenic Infectious organisms,  deep in the tissues in a dormant state, opportunistic in nature, in the presence of a stressor, such as invasive procedures, trauma (emotional or physical), other illness, get activated, once the immune system becomes compromised.

2.The infectious organisms feed off the membranes (they love the cholesterol rich membranes), thus impairing the integrity of the cells and initiate growth and expansion in the body, starting with the weakest system/organ of the body and in short time leading to a localized infection at first, before becoming a systemic infection, while the immune system remains compromised.

3.In the event of the immune system gets strengthened again, these pathogens can totally evade the immune system, disguised as normal cells by enveloping themselves in cellular membrane. By staying in the tissues and away from the blood circulation, blood tests and the immune system cannot detect them. They can also live inside a host cell and trigger an autoimmune type of attack by the immune system which results in inflamed painful and swollen tissues.

4. These pathogens are found in MANY of FMS, CFS, GWI, ALS,
MS,AIDS cases.
According to Dr Garth Nicolson, a part-time Medhelp Expert,
these pathogenic infectious conditions are present in over 70%
of fibromyalgia patients. (going by memory)
The danger is in my opinion, their ability to get in the white cells, totally evade the immune system and cross the blood-brain barrier and get into the central nervous system.

5. What are they? They are called Pathogenic Mycoplasma, which unfortunately, more often than not, come bundled with other co-infections
often observed in many neuro-degenerative diseases.
Also Mycoplasma is the #1 co-infection in Lyme disease.

For more information on this, please do a search under Dr. Garth Nicolson
in this section of the forum (upper right side of this page)
His website is very informative and he's the world's top expert in this field of medicine that most doctor's know very little about.

I hope this information is helpful, however, it is not intended as a substitute
for medical advice.

Should you need any details, please post again or send me a pm.

Wishing you well.

     Dr. Oz's visitor another Dr. says that Fibromyalgia can start with trauma, surgery, or stress.
Although I had Fibromyalgia before a major surgery, since March 2008 when I had the Gastric Bypass my Fibromyalgia pain has increased by 50%. After losing 130 pounds doctor's finally began to listen to me when I complained about having pain and it wasn't all about the "weight" anymore.

Although I am not a doctor studies suggest that since surgery of any kind is traumatic, it can instigate or "trigger" fibromyalgia to begin to manifest.
Thanks for the post guys. this is quite informative to read about the relation between lipo and fibro. I am considering a liposuction surgery from Dr. Sammy Sliwin on next month. Got an appointment on 20th, and I am a bit scared about the procedure. How long will the pain will last? Was it extreme?
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