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my strange symptoms over 9 month
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my strange symptoms over 9 month

9 months ago I had a sharp pain in my right quadrant.
after ultrasound and blood results, dr said I have faty liver,
my alt and ast enzymes were 2-3 times higher than normal range.
after following a diet, enzymes became normal.
however, then I started to have IBS kind syptoms (symptoms) with pain continuing.
i did  additinally a ct scan, occult blood test and everything was normal.
then, after a time I almost became normal with no pain and with normal
bowel movements. I was normal for about 6 weeks...

then, i started to have an external homerroids but it was healed
after 6 weeks. during that time I just had a little gas problem.
i wanted to solve this gas problem also and then went to another doctor.
he did an upper endoscopy and said there is h pylori infection.
i started to use biaxin and two other antibiotics for the  h pylori treatment.
one month after h.pylori treatment, i started to have diarrhea, burning in the anus.
after a while during one week, i observed blood in the stool when I had this burning.
blood was from rectal region since it was fresh.
then, burning  became normal and no more blood in rectal area.
i think  that blood was due to an anal fissure because it was giving pain during tiolet.
now, it is last 1 month that again I have IBS kind sypmtoms and pain mainly in the right quadrant.
sometimes (but rarely) also pain in the left quadrant. the pain is very irregular and sometimes
it is at a minimum level.
no fever, no weight loose and no blood in the stool.
i have  little water leaked from my mouth when I wake up in the morning.

What is my problem? What should I do?
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From your symptoms it is important to rule out irritable bowel syndrome.
Common symptoms include abdominal cramping or pain, bloating and gassiness, and altered bowel habits(alternate constipation and loose stools).

Irritable bowel syndrome can be a very difficult diagnosis to make. IBS is called a diagnosis of exclusion, which means that a doctor considers many other alternatives first, perhaps performing tests to rule out other problems.

Water coming out from mouth is due to water brash which is common in gastrointestinal reflux disease.
It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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