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pain in legs and arms
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pain in legs and arms

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia years ago and there is something that happens to me that I don't know how to explain to my family. Sometimes I will have a period of days or weeks and I feel almost normal. I will then bottom out.

I go into severe pain in my body, back, arms legs ankles and wrist amd with this pain comes sweling. It feels as though my limbs weigh a hundred pounds and I can hardly make it to the bathroom. This goes on for days. The last time this happened was this past Monday and I am still having trouble just moving around.

I think my kids feel that I am pretending, but I am not. What is happening to me when this happens? Am I the only one that this happens to?
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Swelling, pain, numbness tightness,  and sometimes specific lumps.  I found heat and massage helped me great.  There was a time that I couldn't move at all without help.  Through a friend massaging swollen areas I couldn't reach we discovered we would eventually find a lump at the centre of it. More massage and heat eventually helped a great deal.  
I don't know how familiar you are with all the issues of FM here is a great link to a Fibromyalgia Treatment Centre site where you can listen to a very detailed FM doctor answer questions and explain FM, as well as a written presentation you can download or just watch as you listen.  It is a great comprehensive explanation of FM and its myriad of symptoms and possible causes.
April 3, 2008 presentation link
Written Presentation - great visual sympton map and written info
I personally have just started a new natural product to raise bone, joint and muscle metabolism.  Its not a prescription.  Let me know if you want to know how it helps, so far so good.
Take care and ...Don't give up!
PS.  my grandkids call me "nanna" too, I love
   I am just now getting over a flare that I thought was going to take me out. My Rheumy does blood work on me every two months, I went to see him Wed. and he said that  everything came back normal except my sed rate and it was very high again. This happens about every other month also. When my sed rate is that high, the inflammation  is running rampant through me.
   He gives me a cocktail injection and in a couple of days I'm feeling better. He wants me to come in every two weeks for a while for an injection to see if we can't keep the inflammation down. The heating pad has become my next best friend.

gentle hugs
Awww...i'm sorry to hear you are flaring.  Anyone with fibro is familiar with the 'bottoming out' you speak of.  We all will have days where we stay in bed due to pain and fatigue.  Then we may have another period of feeling healthy...that is when we tend to over do it and relapse again.  

The presentation that singerpoet suggested is a great idea.  Perhaps you can call a 'family time' and have your loved ones watch the video with you.  This could possibly explain things to them and help them understand that you are going to have days like this and it isn't going to go away.

soft hugs and best wishes,
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