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questioning CFS diagnosis
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questioning CFS diagnosis

Hi there. I am a 24 year old female and I was diagnosed by my gp that I had cfs about two years ago. This came after almost 2 years of pretty intense problems including being completely bedridden for close to a year. In 2006 I was living in Mexico and Guatemala as a missionary and was there for about 6 months. The last month in Guatemala was where I became ill. It just hit me one day shortly after breakfast. Intense stomach pain, nausea, severe chills and cold sweats, vertigo, feeling of fainting, extreme exhaustion. It was so bad that if there had been a hospital I would have gone. I thought I had eaten something wrong, but the feeling only subsided a bit. I began to have different symptoms daily after that, and had to be escorted back to texas where I stayed in bed for close to a year. I thought that perhaps a tropical illness triggered whatever I have now. I have all the classis symptoms of cfs, and was living in a very hot mountain climate when I first became ill, however now that I am much more mobile I have found that my symptoms now are a little more alarming.
The biggest symptom is still fatigue, but I also am having severe asthma. I went from using a preventative seasonally to using a fast acting multiple times daily. It feels like my lung functioning is way below the capacity of my heart when it comes to physical exertion. I have terrible circulation and am starting to see veins pop up  on my legs as I am becoming much more active. Other syptoms (symptoms) are:
hives (daily)
brain fog
joint pain
sharp muscle spasms
stomach problems
severe acid reflux
skin fungus
skin leisions on face
hair coming out in clumps on and off

My dermatologist said that the leisions on my face usually appear on the elderly, and was baffled as to why I had them. I have never had any serious health problems aside from meningitis when i was 5 and severe migraines as a teen. No one in my family has any serious problems either. Family has suggested lupus, lymes, thyroid, chrohns, and orthostatic intolerance. I have been worried for a while that there is something more serious underlying all of this such as a heart or lung problem. Of course every test has come back fine. Im not really sure where to focus my energy as far as getting a concrete diagnosis. Any help on what this might be would be so much appreciated.

Dont accept chronic fatigue as a diagnosis, it is a symptom of something that hasnt been diagnosed yet and an excuse to get you out of the docs office. I didnt accept it 2 years ago and I eventually got my real diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis but it cost me money and i had to do a lot of research myself but at least there's treatment which I now have. Sometimes people just dont realize all the different tests that are available and depending on your doctor you might not get the ones you need if the basic ones come up as normal. That was my problem all along, not doing great yet but at least I have hope now. Wishing you the best of luck.
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