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re: severe foot cramps
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re: severe foot cramps

for those of you who suffer from severe foot and leg cramps:
-i've notice that when i stand/or walk for long periods, it brings on the cramps. this is very limiting when i want to do some activities (going almost anywhere involves standing and/or walking). i was wondering how others handled this?
-and a very simple question: i've never been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. i'd like to know what type of specialist to see? i can't even get a doctor to treat me for the foot and leg cramps.
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Hey gotnohorse.

Welcome to the forum.

1. Make sure you are not dehydrated. And do not trust your thirst for that!
    When your urine color is clear, almost like water, then you had enough water.
2. Make sure you have ample electrolytes (Potassium, Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium)
    Not sure ,just have a hair mineral analysis. You will get not only a mineral status but    also a heavy metal status.
3. Do warm up and stretch gently, even if it only a walk (each time!) Stretch and cool down at the end.
4. Condition your body and ease into activities -even if it involves only walking-
    Use the measure of the least or no cramping e.g. 10 minutes with no cramping or
    "acceptable cramping" into your walk. Stay with this for a week-if this works for you-
     and increase it for the following week by 5 minutes. And so on.
5. Foot and leg cramps and spasms are possible in conditions of low O2 and CO2 in muscle and nerve cells. Clinical evidence shows that people with optimum body oxygen
levels do not suffer from any type of cramping. Your respiratory rate (which cannot be established just by counting) is a marker  not only for cramping, but pulmonary dysfunction
which can lead to serious health complications. For more info go to the Normal Breathing website.

As far as Fibromyalgia dx, please take time to read my recent posts as well as ewford's in this section.
That way you can get a "pulse" of what's going on. It is easy to fall into FMS Limbo Land!

Please feel free to post any time with your questions or comments.

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A rheumatologist is the type of doctor that would make a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

I have LOTS of leg and foot cramps. My feet are much better now that I am wearing better shoes.

My calves cramp all the time. It gets so severe that my calves feel like they have turned into cement and it takes all of my will power to keep going.

I have an appt with my rheumy at the end of the month and I will be talking to him about it.

Good luck!!!
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Since I've been having a lot of pain in the sacro/illiac joints, I use the electric scooter carts at the large grocery stores that have them.  It helps a lot.  I still do plenty of walking and necessary stretches, but most of the grocery stores have concrete flooring under the tiles, which is hard on the joints.
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