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terminology- syndrome and post viral
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terminology- syndrome and post viral

here's what i reckon: 'syndrome' - applied by whoever names these diseases - means "we don't know"...
the trouble with the term "postviral"is that it throws us off course; i believe there is still viral
activity still very much at play. we know it! (from experience - we're feeling it all the time.

further notes
i'm going to even go as far as to say that i think vaccinations, from any point of time in our lives, can be a part of it and adding to the mix of other viral infections we've acquired... including the virus referred to in the description 'post-viral'.
the immunity is for life and so, therefore, is the viral preparation [vaccine].    
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some have developed cfs sypmptoms or worsening of symptoms after receiving a flu shot - this sort of thing. this is documented.

(i forgot the punchline of my post.) the term cfs can then be renamed VIRAL FATIGUE - in the applicable cases. this will give it more of a 'cause' and something people might understand better. like 'HIV' a condition with a virus - and recognised - and accepted by the public... leading to a direction of research... and treatment..!
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