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urgent - plane vs train long distance travel - which do you prefer?
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urgent - plane vs train long distance travel - which do you prefer?

plane travel - 90 minute flight - has knocked ke around. have felt terrible and took over two days to recover.
considering the train to return home. a sleeper cabin.
i feel the plane altitude causes the discomfort - not while flying but the next day (and the next!)
i wonder if you found the train loud/ too rocky/ inconvenient/ tiring/ too cold or hot... any of this sort of thing?? motion sickness?
i have traveled by train before - but that was when well, so can't compare.
it is twice the price but will be well worth it if it is any better. ends up being 24hours!
please let me know soon
thanks! acker
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My personal choice would be the train.  This is partly due to me being TERRIFIED of flying, but also from a comfort standpoint.

With the plane, although the trip may be shorter, you're still pretty much stuck in a sardine can sized seat for the entire time, unable to adjust or move about if necessary.  With the train, you can get up and move about when you need/want to.  Even though the moving around is not the easiest with the bumpy ride, it's still better than being confined to a seat.  And if you're getting a sleeper car, that's all the better - you can stretch out and rest when you can/want.

Also with the train, you can bring along a heating pad if you normally use one at home and use it on the train to help with pain, etc.  With the plane, you're not able to do this.

Even though the train trip will be a much longer trip, I still feel it would be more comfortable and less stressful than the plane trip.

Either way, I wish you safe travels!
Gemini! thank you thank you!
i already got the ticket and will find out soon enough anyway..
fir$t cla$$ $leeper ticket... groan
but i am not spending one more hour in jetlag that i can avoid! and i can avoid it!
plane travel is pretty comfy for me.. but absolutely right - on the train i get to move around and most importantly LIE DOWN or SLEEP!
it is also raining here so when i go the scenery could be green and beautiful :)
THANK YOU for the consensus
and take care! xx
I prefer the train. Being closed up in a plane cabin freaks me out knowing the germ filled air is recycled.
Trains are leisurely, air is better and it's romantically scenic, even when I've traveled alone.

Have a great trip!
Oh, and I love that I can plug my iPad in and charge while I watch a movie, talk on my phone or like Gemini said, the heating pad can be used.
To me the train is a vacation before your destination. Lol
thanks folks, i totally agree :) ok that's how it happened. it was all a good trip except ohmygosh it was very rough - sleep was almost impossible except that i had my hammock, !, and had a few hours. i know i am delicate and sensitive, but the other passengers said they got zero sleep. it was also pretty loud air-conditioning motor (70db)
yes, plugged in the music. privacy. good scenic tour.
guess i sat in my hammock most of the time.
also met a gal on board who said she had cfs. we had a good chat. i hadn't mentioned my stuff at first cause, well, i thought i was surrounded by happy healthy retirees.
anyway - the next day: felt fine - very grateful for this. had i taken the plane i would probably be still crook 48 hrs later. i am a bit constipated from it all though, and down a few hundred $. but all up a good deal.
yest and today - the best I've felt in four years. maybe all the rattling and shaking reset some energy fields!
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