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weak immune system
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weak immune system

Found out that I have Weak immune system.  1st my niece had a  cold then my sister. I caught  it and it turns out to be something worse. I was sent to the emergency room. I had a lot of test and founf out I have a virual syndrome. I dont get the common cold but once in a while I do get bronchitis.  
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Hi razzyforever and welcome to the forum.

This is the fibromyalgia community, which does not normally address bronchitis and related weakened immune system issues.
However, since you came here, I will offer you a few recommendations.

The most likely cause is a viral infection, in which case, antibiotics don't work.
On the other hand, antiviral drugs, specially after replication of the viral agents, are ineffective.
Coconut oil has antiviral properties among other medicinal properties, which may work better than most prescription drugs and w/o the unwanted side effects.
It is suggested to start with 1 tablespoon per day the 1st week and up it by an extra 1T daily each week, until you reach 4T daily in week 4.
Cayenne pepper has mucus thinning activity, so spicy foods are in for
bronchitis. This helps coughing better.
Avoid dairy products, to avoid extra mucus production.
Take higher doses of vitamin C with rosehips and bioflavonoids, but spread throughout the day.
Magnesium chloride, 1 oz per Lt of spring water dilution, ingested VERY slowly throughout the day -to avoid laxative effects- is a constitutional remedy for upper respiratory tract infections.
Inhaling steam, or if you take frequent hot showers/baths, will help loosen up the mucus in the lungs.
I grew up with 2 younger brothers at home,  both suffering from recurring

Wash your hands ALL the time,always carry a disinfectant gel with you
wherever you go, drink lots of spring water, eat nutrient rich food and breathe fresh air, as much as you can. Indoor stale air is unhealthy.

At home I use daily my  Lampe Berger to purify the air we breathe in the house.
It was originally designed over 100 years ago in France, to disinfect hospital
rooms. Now it is sold all over the world! Just look it up.

Best wishes!
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My mother and I take Elderberry everyday and haven't had a cold, bronchitis or flu for years since we started taking it.  
    Just a thought.
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