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wheres the place to live with Fibromyalgia???
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wheres the place to live with Fibromyalgia???

We are considering GA, anyone have suggestions?Hi
I have fibro as well, and we are trying to find a state that will not make me hurt so bad. So far thanks to My Husbands contracts, we have lived in MI (home) Utah, Colorado, NC, SC and Idaho. and we are now back in MI and Im hurting all the time.
The humidity in the Carolina's was a bit overbearing and I cannot be in A/C with my fibro..  The West was hot and dry and I felt ok there, but still hurt. We are heading to GA .... I think the continual warmth is good, The COLD and damp and winters kill me.
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Hi dtmi.

Geography is just one factor, albeit a significant one for many fibro sufferers.

The fibro pain will not disappear, it will subside, when the conditions  of the
new location are better in terms of temperature, humidity levels, barometric pressure and general climate conditions.

So if you felt better out West, because of the dry & warm conditions, it may trump the features & benefits which GA offers, taking in consideration the higher humidity levels in GA. In addition to this wouldn't GA be even hotter than the Carolina's?
IDN, I feel great on the Pacific side in the winter and the Mediterranean
in the summer.

Another thing which you may want to consider is high Negative* Ion levels ,
found at places like close to the ocean, beaches, mountains, waterfalls,
forests and away from too much development, traffic & pollution.

*Just to make it clear: Negative ions can have a positive effect on people.
But positive ions can have a negative effect on people.

BTW, I'm familiar with MI. I've visited the UP a gazillion times, lol!
You're right, the cold winters there can be treacherous.

Best wishes.

PS. There are a lot more things you can do.
You can do a search here under "IWILLDOTHIS" and it will bring you to a
thread I started a while back with many suggestions, remedies and recommendations to help with Fibromyalgia.

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I live in Colorado and although it is dry here, there are many storms and barometric pressure changes especially in the winter.
We also have cold winters compared to the south but better than say MI.
I think the oxygen level in CO doesn't help FM.I feel better at lower elevations, with more oxygen to fuel my cells I sleep better and have better energy. I feel better in warm but, not extreme heat. I have had great days in the southern Caribbean and in the society islands. Because of the constant breezes the humidity is not really a problem for me.
How ever I am concerned about good health care wherever I go as I am 60 and not in good health, obviously. We have considered San Juan but I am not sure of the health care and the crime rate is high. Any suggestions?
We are close to retirement and need to live as economically as possible which leaves out San Diego and Hawaii. Looking for a better life with my FM and Lupus. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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