Fish with open sores
by Stacey221, May 17, 2008
I have 2 fantail goldfish in a 30 gallon aquarium.  They are about 2 years old.  I do regular water changes (25%) every 3-4 weeks.  One of them has had a white lump on it's side for about a year.  Does not seem to affect the fish and has pretty much stayed the same size since it appeared.  I have another fantail that used to be orange, has now turned almost white- except where he had a white lump which turned orange when he turned white.  He has slowly started to loose scales and more recently has developed lumps on his face above his mouth that first started off as a red bump under the skin the next day it broke open, seemed to start to heal then within a day 2 more lumps appeared and now all 3 of these bumps are raw open sores.  He is still eating and swimming around but I am concerned about this.  A year ago when I first noticed these bumps I tried every bacterial treatment that I could find in the local pet stores including Primafix, Melafix, Maracyn 2, and several others such as quick cure and 2 other different treatments that were broad spectrum bacteria treatments - by Jungle and the other one I can't remember but it was from Pet Smart.  I have been treating them with various treatments over the past year with out an ounce of success and now this little guy seems to be getting worse.  Any ideas on what else I can try - I hate to give up on them.  I was only allowed to add 1 photo so I will add the one with the open sores.
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by marissposa, May 19, 2008
Do you have a local aquarium store?  Pert smart and petco are totally useless when it comes to medical problems.
What size tank are they in?  Are you using proper filtration and aeration?  Are you testing the water for ph, amonia, nitrites, and nitrates?  
You will need to separate the fish, so that they don't both become sick and if you give antibiotics you don't want to treat the one that isn't sick.
Here is some info I got from another site:

Scale Loss- If your fish are losing scales for no apparent reason (such as breeding) then it is commonly found to be caused from Myxosporidiosis.  The only treatment for this is to keep doing water changes and get rid of the parasites. Symptoms: Fish gasping, pale gills.   (scale loss can also be caused  by poor water quality or bumping against sharp objects in the tank)

Ulcers- Ulcers are open sores located on the fish's body.  Ulcers are sores on the body caused by bacterial infection. You need to make very sure your water quality is immaculate. Check your pH and Ammonia as well as your Nitrite readings.  Ulcers usually are caused by the Aeromonas bacteria or more rarely Pseudomonas bacteria.  The ulceration may appear with red abscesses, or red edges around the ulcer.  In some cases it can become rather large and expose muscles.  Symptoms: The fish has one or more open sores on its body or at the base of its fins. The sore has a red abscess or red edges.  The fish may also have red fin edges or fin rot.  They may exhibit lack of appetite and sluggish behavior. Treatment: Usually antibiotics are needed and this is done by a series of injections. ( A vet would need to see the fish and give you the necessary prescription). However this is not always the best option for individuals and a product by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals has a great product called Mela Fix that has shown great results in the healing of ulcers. It is easy to use and does not create issues with the water quality.   (back to top) has more info on MelaFix .

It sounds like the first linp could be a tumour.  And the color change is probably just a harmless change that comes with aging.

I really reccommend finding a  store that specializes in aquariums and fish care, sometimes they will let you bring in a fish so they can take a look at it.  It sounds like you will need to give antibiotics again, but you need to get the dosage correct and not just try a bunch of different kinds.  The wrong medicine or dosage won't work and worse could be fatal.