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Sick goldfish
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Sick goldfish

I have an orange gold fish, about 2 yes old now, that is like family to me. Has a wonderful personality. But lately he has been acting strange. About a few months ago I noticed this white patch on the top of his tail fin (almost like a cotton like small patch, so I don't believe it is ich). Then he got swim bladder disease, fed him the peas and is getting better. But just over the past couple weeks he has another one of the white patches on the bottom part of his tail fin (small like the other one) and he has been Latin around the bottom a lot with his back tail drooping. While he sits at the bottom, he does have his moments of swimming normally and eats pretty well. Also, when he swims, sometimes It seems as if he tries to hide under the filter tube that hangs down (about an inch from the bottom) and a lot of his fecal is floating with only a small portion of it being filled with dark stuff (so most of it is white/clear bubble with string). I have also recently added aquarium salt to the tank to see if that helps, so far it has a tad, but not much. One more thing, yesterday I noticed a thin red vein like thing on the bottom of his hind tail (only steak, but canmt get a good look since he doesn't stay still very long) and has a rather large circle area on his head that's either dark orange or red, can't really tell. thanks in advance for taking your time to help!
Hi Dotty21690.

I just finished reading your comments. Sorry your goldfish is sick.
My husband knows a lot about fish. He has a couple of aquariums.
We don't have goldfish though. I would advise you to perhaps google
fish forums , see what comes up. Perhaps you can find some answers
on one of these forums or perhaps another member of Medpost will
read your comments and help you. I wish I could offer you more
suggestions as to what your goldfish has. I hope you get the answers
you want to help your fish. We live in Canada. I don't know where you
live.  That makes us Canadians. Aquarium Connections and sites to
help aquarium owners are available. My husband finds them quite helpful
and tells me he has learned a lot from them as members share any
problems they're having with their fish tanks and other members offer
solutions and advice.
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