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Is it normal that on average everyday I drink three sometimes four pots of coffee I will also drive by Starbucks after work and get two large coffee drinks they are gone before I'm home and my drive is about 22 minutes.
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You certainly drink a lot of coffee in a day!

Here is an estimate of what is considered low to excessive:

low to moderate: 130 to 300 mg per day
moderate: 200 to 300 mg per day
high : above 400 mg per day
heavy is more than 6, 0000 mg per day

I dont know how many cups of coffee are in your four pots a day, but you can figure out  how much you are drinking per day:

plain brewed 8 oz coffee: 135 mg
plain, decaf: 5 mg
tea: 40 - 120 mg
soft drinks: 30 - 70 mg
Energy drinks: 80 - 300 mg
Meds ie Exedrin: 60 mg

Drinking a lot of coffee can cause serious physical and mental health problems. You can experience insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations, flushed face, lack of hunger and stomach complaints. A fatal dose of caffeine would be 10 grams of coffee or about 80 cups of coffee all at once. While you are not likely drinking anywhere near a fatal dose, you are probably experiencing some serious consequences from your heavy intake of caffeine.

Are you addicted to the caffeine? It certainly sounds like you are, but you will know for sure if you experience these withdrawal symptoms - especially if these occur 12 hours after your last coffee:

headache, foggy,
depression, irritability,
fatigue, decreased alertness

If you are trying to quit coffee, these symptoms can last for a full week.

You also mentioned that you are adding whipped cream and syrup to  your coffees. These can most certainly be additive. Please see my website: for more info on other food addictions.
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Im not at home long enough to drink four pots of coffee straight so I have a container of coffee in my car as a back up and I have a coffee maker in there too. In the mini fridge in my office I have whipped cream, caramel, chocolate syrup, and ice for making iced coffee. On my desk I have seven different types of coffee cups and mugs.
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