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Foot Sole Pain NOT plantar fasciitis
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Foot Sole Pain NOT plantar fasciitis


I pray i can get help with my foot problem, I PRAY

I am finding it very tough mentally and painfully now, i am 33 years old and i don’t smoke or drink etc and i am 6ft tall and about 95KG.
I have pain in the soles of my both my feet but only when standing still for more than says 2-3 minutes, i never get any pains when lying down or when seating with my feet on the recliner chair i have.
My pain is only when i stand still even in a shops waiting to be served etc.
So far i have had full blood tests and they were all fine i have seen all the foot specialists in Scotland UK i have done all the exercises stretches etc and even when in Florida USA i had X-Ray and injections in both feet but still i have very uncomfortable feet when standing anymore than 5 minutes with the longer i stand or walk the sorer they get.
I can walk for much longer than just standing my soles of my feet feel like a permanent bruise is underneath them.
I was about to go private to Parish and Bell of London but they have went into administration and i am at a complete loss to what to do now.
Luckily i do not have to go out and work so i can sit most of the day and control it but now the summer is here and i am walking/Standing more i can feel it coming back and i cant stand it.
The soles of my feet feel bruised and the specialist from the NHS all they can say is: Its strange as i don’t get the plantar fasciitis symptoms of sore feet in bed or when i wake up, the soles are only sore when i stand on them for even a short period of time.
Please if anyone can help me or guide me to possible causes id be so grateful.
One thing i want done is a foot scan but the NHS Doctors here have said that will be a waste of time, is that down to the costs involved? £1000.
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painful soles indicate metatarsal head pain "metatarsalgia".  there is supposed to be fat padding beneath this area.  when people yo-yo diet, they lose fat to the plantar feet.  however, when they gain doesn't gain back into the plantar feet. when there is less fat padding to the soles, the metatarsal heads hit the ground harder.  now, if you have a steep metatarsal declination angle (usually seen in patients with high arches) the metatarsals hit the ground with more prominence.  when you stand, there is constant pressure on the metatarsals.  when you walk, there is less contact time with the ground.
i suggest wearing quality running shoes (which tend to have great shock absorption in the soles) and a quality running sock (i like the brand Thorlo) which are thicker in the soles.  lastly, an orthotic with semiflexibility and lined with plastizote/ppt with a metatarsal pad can help offload and cushion the soles.  you would have to get a biomechanical exam and be casted for these orthotics.
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Thanks for your information but i have been wearing these custom made orthotics for 6 months with Ascis trainers with a comfy sole and do my stretches often.

But still i have pain when standing still more than walking.

The doctors here say its  a waste of time to do an MRI Scan but i think its because the money its costs the NHS.

Now i have sore soles and its affecting my quality of life as i cant stand for very long.

I dont get pains etc when in bed or lying down so i am sure its not plantar fasciitis.

Ant other suggestions?

Thanks for your reply
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I too have been through everything you have mentioned.  I was diagnosed with plantar arthritis and fallen arches.
As Yena H. Do mentioned it all came back to no fat on the bottm of my feet.  My ortho inserts would help only if I limited my time on my feet. No longer than 30 minutes.  You would never believe what I have found that works the best for me.  Now they may be UGLY, but if ugly and comfort vs. nice looking and painful, I'll take the forementioned. It is the rubber shoes call No Boundaries that you buy at Walmart. The first thirty minutes is an adjustment period to their feel. Then after that you'll noticed your feet don't hurt near as bad.  Then as time goes by you'll be saying "What feet pain"?  But, any other shoes you wear the pain will return. ouch
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I am another sufferer of extremely painful feet.  I have seen 5 different doctors over a 5 year period and have had 3 different sets of exrays and just last week an MRI.  I have been told that I had plantar fascitis although my symptoms were different.  My pain was not great upon waking.  The longer I stood on my feet, the worse the pain got (and still gets).  After this last dr. vist and the MRI, my newest sports med. dr. is stumped.  He did not even try to sell me new othodics. I joined this forum today in the hopes of finding someone who has something similar and has found a solution.  I have also found a reasonably comfortable shoe - as far as shoes go... I bought them online - not Walmart priced - but well worth it..  Brand name is KLOGS.  Both mens and womens.  They make shoes for chefs and nurses and people who stand on their feet all day.  They got great reviews so I bought a pair.  $90.  for leather clogs.  Worth every penny.  I ordered a second pair the next day in a different color.  They have the most comfortable soft orthopaedic footbed.   It sort of molds to you foot yet gives support.  They run 1/2  size large.  I stand alot when I work and my feet hurt much less now that I have these shoes.  I really would like to have new feet,, not new shoes but I'll take what I can get.  It seems alot of people have such horrible pain.  Why can't anyone figure out what it is??
JUst thinking out loud.
Feel better
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Hi to all

Okay i am only 33 years old and was a keep fit man in my twentys and was very active.

The NHS in the UK Seem to be certain that an MRI scan will not do me any good, Why is that? I am suffering badly and its making me mentally unhappy and angry that i cant enjoy my life like i used to.

About two weeks ago the doctor gave my foot somme more jags with medicine which numbed my feet for a week, but now when i stand straight after 3 minutes or so my feet get bad again, i have had this problem around 3-5 years and its not going away, luckily i dont work so can rest my feet a lot so can manage in my house, i cant stand long  and i have to keep taking the pressure of my feet.

I really wish someone had a cure for this and i ask the Doctors here would an MRI scan be a good idea? I strongly beleive the Local NHS here are on a strict budget and warnings only to allow the most severe paitents to be allowed an MRI scan.

This is without a doubt spoiling my young adult life as i cant walk to much but standing is the worst for me, so far i have tried:

Custom made orthortics.

All stretches

On two occassions i have had steriod c injections in both feet


Blood tests

And all the above to no avail, Has anyone please got any other suggestions for me and should i try to go private?
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Get an MRI to place your mind at rest.  NOT all orthotics may be prescribed correctly.  I have had patients come in with prescribed orthotics that were made incorrectly.  There are hundreds of different materials that can be utilized and many different ways to write for an order.  You would need an orthotic that has a ppt/plastizote liner with a semirigid shell.  If an orthotic is not casted correctly, it can place your foot in a worse position and cause more pain!
sometimes, if the shoes you wear are for pronators (very narrow in the foot bed), orthotics can make your feet feel worse when they are placed in such shoes.  Too many cortisone injections can weaken tendons/lligaments/fascia and worsen the feet.  Again, it is hard for me to ***** w/o examining you.  Get a second opinion or go private.  Obviously you are not getting better.
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Just to add to the inability to diagnose without seeing you -- this sounds like neuropathy to me.  This may or may not be related to diabetes.  A couple of other things to try -- Compression socks will improve the circulation to the feet, also your insole may need to be covered in plasitizote.

It should go without saying that you should be wearing good supportive shoes.  I know the Klogs brand & it is not supportive enough.  I've never seen a shoe at Wal Mart that makes the grade.  Asics does make good shoes -- but not all of their shoes are good shoes.
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Happy to read your post.  Not that you are in pain but to see proof that I'm not alone!

For about three years, I have had pain - as if from bruises - in the soles of my feet.  Especially when I stand after sitting a long time or when I get up in the morning.  For the first 5 or 10 minutes it feels like I am walking on thin air bags and it feels like the bottoms of both feet - heel, balls and toes - are seriously bruised - though no bruises are present.  Painful!

The pain is less intense in a few minutes but does not go away.  I’ve gone to 3 podiatrists and they are puzzled.  I’ve had deep muscle massage of the soles of my feet and that DID help some.  The massager said he could feel “pockets of toxins” under the skin.  His massage hurt but it helped.

But it never went away and, though sometimes less painful, it still never goes away.

I’ve tried tablets designed to help the nerves rebuild (originally for diabetics); various soakings and various lotions and gels to rub in.  No help.

I’ve had suggestions:
Heavy metals ? collected in the bottoms of my feet (If so, how’d they get there and how to treat???)
Onset of diabetes ? (Proved wrong)
Need to change diet ? If so, how/what.  I’m a vegetarian who does eat seafood.
Some organ in my body is damaged and putting toxins in my body which, via gravity, collect in the soles of my feet.??

Feeling of bruised feet soles
Slight burning sensation
Covers skin over entire bottom of feet - heel, ball & toes.
Sole sensitive - if I step on a hard object, it can cause an especially painful area.

Any suggestions possible diagnose, or for further tests or for some specialists referral in this area (30224).
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Please LeeFlyn ask a question in a new post, thanks as i am trying to get help in this topic for my feet.

Yena H Do, DPM Thanks for all your email, Is it possible to email me privatley?

I got the injections from the doctors about one month ago and for the last 2-3 weeks every day i have been sitting my feet on ice cold ice packs that i bought from the internet.

Since then i have been standing little bits etc, but after having this problem for so long i have worked around how long i can stand on my feet then i take a seat and im only 33 not 73.

So my activities are cut short, dont get me wrong i can go to the shops and wash my dishes etc, its just mainly when i stand still they are uncomfortable and then sore and sorer the longer i stand, i have all the blood tests done and they were ok.

Hi Realbullet its not: neuropathy as my blood tests were  100% ok and i feel the pain in my feet etc.

I got my feet covered in Plaster for my Orthotics then i got a very thin layer of blue padding on them, i wear these under my insoles of my trainers which are netural trainers by  Ascis i think thats the brand. But my feet feel a lot more uncomfartable in these than in my Merrell FLIP FLOPS.

So i will continue to do my Ice packs, stretches and i have still to buy cushioned socks, but then my feet will sewat a lot, My feet always feel colder than the rest of my body and even my ex told me they were cold.

In a nutshell The soles of my feet feel constantly bruised and only get sore when standing still on them or waliking for a longer period,

I have had the cortisone injections once in the USA Around May 2007 and in UK March 09 and dont want anymore incase my feet get worse, So what do you think?

Is an MRI scan the next thing before i fly to the USA to see you? :) Thanks Yena

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Over the years my feet have became like yours. I use to be an active child with feet that could withstand sharp pointy rocks. I ran around bare foot everywhere, but now as a young adult(22) I find it difficult to stand on my feet, my heels feel like its going to pop right through the skin. My arch and pads of my toes go numb from the pain but then I also have moments of stabbing jolts go from my heel towards my knee. I doubt any doctor can or would want to figure it out.. All doctors want to say is its cause I am fat. I have pcos (cysts on ovaries), for many years and many doctors told me my issues are due to being fat. I diagnosed myself and convinced a dr to predcribe an ultrasound on my ovaries, even I could see the masses on there. Now I am getting to the bottom of this feet issue. If I find anything usefull i'll let you all know!
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