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Healing time after surgery?
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Healing time after surgery?


about 2 1/2 weeks ago I got a corrective surgery on my left foot, second toe.
The middle joint had been crushed during a sport accident. The middle joint was
removed by the doctor and a Pin is now holding the pieces together.
There will be another X-Ray in about two weeks.
How are the chances that the Pin is going to be removed four or five weeks after surgery?
I elevate the foot a lot, practically just walk very short distances (I'm practically at home only right now),
I take some Calcium/Magnesium/Boron supplement (called Tri-Boron Plus) and Strontium, Vitamin C, drink a lot of Green Tea, of course eat healthy (lots of veggies and fruits, lots of protein rich food).

I do anything to get this pin out as soon as possible since I want to start my sport again but at least I want to get the Pin out because it is really bothering.

This is the diagnosis of my doctor:
second proximal phalanx.  A single wire now transfixes the second   
distal middle and proximal phalanx. 
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you want to keep the pin in as long as the toe appears to be healing (4-6 weeks).
when you remove bone, the void has to fill with tissue.  if you don't hold the toe straight with a pin, the tissue can fill in and the toe heal in a crooked position.
Hello Dr. Do,

Thank you fir your answer. I heard about a product called "Fastt Patch" from Wei Laboratories. Those patches are made from special Chinese herbs and spices and
in combination those should help to accelerate the healing process by two or three weeks.

Would you recommend using those patches?

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